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Very upset!!!


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Feb 25, 2006
:confused: My best friend lives in PA. Her friend said she was thinking about becoming a consultant, so I had my B.F. tell her that I'd recruit her. She said ok have her call me. On Wed. my B.F. gave me her phone # and said her friend said for me Not to call on thurs b/c she wouldnt be home. On Friday morning from my job, I called her and we traded calls. She emails me to say she'd be available on Saturday. On Saturday I call her, it seems she couldnt wait for me to talk to her, she contacted P.C. and got a consultant near to her and she's signing with her. I am sooo upset. This woman agreed to pay for her kit if she qualified by the end of May and sold over $1500 worth of stuff. She didnt give me a chance to talk to her. I cant understand why she'd do this. On MOnday it was a thought.. on Wed. she sent an email to friends saying she was probably doing it. On Sat we talk and she's signed with someone else. This is my first month and all week long I thought I had my first recruit. At that point I was sooo dumbfounded, I just said I wished her luck and I'd see her at my B.Fs show inMay.

My director said I should've called her back to ask her why she did that, but at that point I felt I couldnt be nice to her.. I just wanted to be nasty. So I didnt call.

I just needed to vent.. I'm sorry.


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May 20, 2005

That would definately hurt. I still haven't gotten any recruits, haven't been pushing too hard, I work full-time and have 4 (5 counting hubby) small boys at home and it keeps me pretty busy but I would love to have time to get it all up and running so I could quit my full-time job.



I'm sorry you missed out on your first recruit. Maybe she felt it would be better for her to sign under someone who is closer to her area. I doubt she really understands how the lines work or what this could have meant to you in your business. Sometimes people want a consultant with more experience as well (not that you couldn't have done a great job training her). It's too bad she didn't reach out to you and share some of her questions and concerns.

Keep sharing the opportunity! There are plenty of people who would benefit from the PC business and I'm sure some of them would love to be on your team.



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Feb 25, 2006
Thank you

Thank you both.
Michelle, I know what you mean about someone being closer to her but she didnt even give me a chance.. and instead of telling my B.F that she found someone, she never said anything, so there I am all happy to talk to her and shes excited going on and on about how this woman was sooo great answering all her questions (which I would've done and my director was going to talk to her as well) and then going on about how this woman was giving her the kit for free. I felt like she was looking for a counteroffer. I am not about to start giving kits away. I was going to give her the bookings from my friends' show in May! She had also asked my BF if I would cut a deal with her. I mean cut a deal??

I just learned my lesson with this.. even if they say dont call, call anyway just to say when they are ready for them to give you a call. I feel if I would've called to answer her questions, she wouldnt have been curious to look elsewhere. thanks for listening!