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Pampered Chef: Sales Vendor Show Tips Needed

  1. I'm a new consultant and have purchased a booth at an annual event offered in a neighboring city the first Saturday in June. There's no electricity and the booth is outside.

    I would like some tips and advice on how to make this vendor show successful.

    • I have a few products that I purchased to sell as "cash and carry." My real goals are catalog sales and to get bookings off the event. Time is short, so I'm not sure I can get any more products to sell.

    • I intend to do an hourly drawing where the winner gets $5 in free product value (7 drawings altogether).

    • I'll have the SS kit materials and the contents of the large Summer Sample Products on display.

    • Catalogs and order forms are not an issue, I have plenty of both.

    • I'll have plenty of host information on hand.

    I appreciate any input you guys have. Suggestions that don't cost a lot would be nice. I did one vendor show earlier this month and it didn't work out too well, but it was my first one. I want to make this one a success.

  2. PamperedGinger

    PamperedGinger Advanced Member

    Here are tips I have from others about fairs and similar events.

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  3. Thanks

    PamperedGinger - Thanks for the great information.

    Does anyone else have any input or advice for me? I really want to make this event a good experience. I'll take advice on both things I should and should not do since both are vital to success.

  4. Sannemomof4

    Sannemomof4 Novice Member

    sorry!! havent done any!!!!
    May 24, 2005
  5. PamperedGinger

    PamperedGinger Advanced Member

    For shows without electricity (which are most of them), I usually bring some sort of food to entice people in. If I have time, I will make little chocolate chip cookies. If not, I usually bring the dips in the chillzanne bowls. I bring pretzel sticks for dipping - they are inexpensive and only allow one dip.

    Don't feel like you need to bring any food. Your products alone are enough to entice people. Set up your display so that people will be drawn into seeing what you have to offer. I usually put the new products out in front or colorful products to draw attention.

    I do offer a free prize drawing, but I have tons of extra products. If not, offer a free kitchen show. The idea with fairs is to get leads for shows and potential consultants. If you don't get their information, you end up with no leads.

    If your director or recruiter has OLD catalogs, these are the ones I usually pass out at fairs. I let people know that I have a newer catalog I can send to them. That way I'm not passing out my current catalogs. Your recruiter or director should have plenty for your to use.

    I do offer an incentive if they place an order within 2 days (10% off). If I give them a catalog, I do get their information so I can follow-up. People will generally NOT contact you if you give them a catalog. You have to follow-up.

    The thing about fairs is the fortune is in the follow-up. If you don't get information, you leave with nothing.

    Have lots of opportunity packets made up so people who might be interested in having their own business can get information. You will once again want to get their information.

    I've attached a prize drawing slip that is easier for fairs. This comes from the Lemonaid Lady's suggestion last year at conference.

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