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Vendor Event Prize Help

Feb 3, 2015
I have signed up for multiple vendor events in the next month or two. I have two this weekend (on the same day) and one at the end of the month. I have two set up for next month. I was going to do a drawing for a Round UP From The Heart soup bowl set but after reading some of the posts here I'm not sure if I should or not. I don't want people just entering for the "free". I thought about offering a free cooking show or a gift certificate bundle (GC and Season's Best along with my card made into a magnet and mini catalog).

If I did do the soup bowl set I was going to just do an individual order and have it shipped directly to them and just use the set that I have to show what they are drawing for. However I could use that as a booking tool. They would get the set when they book and their show holds.

Suggestions would be appreciated.