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Pampered Chef: Theme Show Vegas Themed Show

  1. jenniwest04

    jenniwest04 Member

    Okay...need ideas and help since I'm drawing a blank...

    I have to go to Vegas with my boyfriend and need to raise 1200 dollars by November 15th.

    I'm hoping to get shows, but I have been very limited because of grad school. I'm thinking of stopping grad school a semester, trying to pick up waitressing shifts at another job I have and am wondering if there is some type of Vegas style cooking show I could do to promote our martinis but also...send your consultant to Vegas, LOL.

    Any ideas out there?? I'm getting desperate and am worrying constantly over this money since I have no other way of getting it minus working hard. I work full-time in the week as is, in addition to the restaurant, selling mark. makeup and this and go to school.

    So thoughts are VERY, VERY welcome!!

    Thanks so much; love you guys and your creativity!
    Aug 11, 2009
  2. chef131doreen

    chef131doreen Veteran Member Gold Member

    That's a great idea , my DHtook me to Vegas in MAY for my 50th and we are going back in SEPT with a bunch of other people.
    SO i could use the $$$$ too
    A Vegas theme show would be Fun maybe someone creative out there has some ideas The MARTINI glasses are a good start
    Aug 11, 2009
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