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Using Old Catalogs

Jul 24, 2005
Does any one have a unique way to use old catalogs? I want to jump start my business NOW and currently am not signed up to do any fairs. I have 4 years worth of catalogs and don't want to throw them away but don't know how interested people would be in seeing an old catalog. Any creative thoughts?? Thanks much! :)


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May 6, 2005
You could leave some at different places (businesses and places like that) but print up some labels/stickers to stick on there that say to call you if they'd like a copy of the latest catalog or to find out current specials. I'm not sure what kind of neighborhood you live in, but you can even pass them out with that type of label on there, but maybe more specific to you being their neighbor. Just be careful because you're not supposed to put flyers and stuff inside mailboxes. You could do them outside the mailbox or hang in bags from front doors, but you run the risk of them getting wet. You can send catalogs to local newlyweds or newly engaged couples who appear in the paper to congratulate them and encourage them to contact you for a new catalog. Then you can tell them all about the gift registry, Pampered Bride shows or having a kitchen show in their new house.

Hand them out with information about fundraisers to various organizations.

I'm not sure how old the catalogs are, but the interested people would likely want to know the current stuff and hopefully they'd call! Fairs and various booths are the BEST way to get rid of them though, as well as doing some advertising.
Feb 22, 2005
I noticed that this post was under fundraisers and it gave me an idea. What about Spring/Summer ones (I wouldn't go back more than that) for like a school catalog show fundraiser. I have lots of catalogs left over from this season and I will be trying to do a fundraiser at my elementary school in September. Buying the mini catalogs to include sure would be cheaper than buying new fall catalogs. By giving a packet to each child, you would probably hit a lot of people who were not interested so new catalogs may be a waste. Plus, you could tell the chairperson that you were using to old catalogs so that you could donate more $ back to the organization out of your commission. What do you think?
Aug 4, 2005
Old catalogs for new f/r

My only concern about using the S/S catalogs in the fall is that so many items were discontinued that you would have to cover those items with a "no longer available sticker" or something like that-which could be a hassle if you need to do a lot of them- and people tend to really want what they can't have


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Feb 3, 2005
I put a sticker on the catalog that offers them 10% off if they call for a new updated catalog.


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Jan 21, 2005
I make discontinued stickers on return address stickers. 80 to a sheet.

I do take the time to mark the old catalogs when I use them for fundraisers because it's a lot cheaper to do that and reuse the catalogs then to buy all new ones. A lot of them end up being tossed because they decide to not participate and the cost of printing the label and putting thse stickers in while watching my husband flip the chanels on TV (he's happy cause I'm with him and I'm happy cause I'm doing something useful) or having the kids so it, is so much less. I want them to have current info so I don't have to call and say "sorry, you can't have that". I also include the new prodct brochure with the old catalog so they have all the choices. If I don't have the new product brochure I print off a list of the new products and staple it into the catalog. It's worth it!

If I am leaving an old catalog at a car dealership or doctor's office or at a fair I just put a sticker on the outside saying that ifthey want a current catalog they should give me a call.