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Using a Mac with Pampered Partner? Please advise.

Feb 6, 2005
I am considering getting a Mac to streamline my office. I am loving the Apple iMac with no tower (everything is in the monitor, which is flat) and cordless keyboard and mouse. I contacted Pampered Partner about using a Mac and this is what they said:

"A windows emulation program can be installed on your Mac to simulate a
Windows environment. You will then be able to install the PamperedPartner.
Some consultants have been successful using Virtual PC by Connectix or Soft
Windows by Insignia Solutions along with Microsoft Internet Explorer to
transmit orders."

Do any of you use a Mac and have any program tips, advice or other suggestions before I take the plunge? Thanks!
Dec 21, 2004
DON'T DO IT...I have an imac and by the time you buy everything needed to make the program compatable you can buy a cheap computer. I just bought the Dell on special, it was like $499 or something and I was still money ahead then trying to make my computer compatable. Mac's do save room and are nice to have...they are just too expensive to have to buy extra software so you can use it. I think how popular Mac's are they should make a program that will work with them...who knows maybe someday.

Hope that helps

Jan 21, 2005
Not worth it!!

I have used the virtual PC and to be honest i found that it was "painfully" SLOW. I would recommend getting a PC. I just bought a Compaq and I love it!! Good Luck
Feb 6, 2005
Thanks Ladies!

I think we'll go ahead and get one. I was going to sell my laptop but will keep it and make it dedicated to my PC stuff. Great advice. So glad I asked. Thanks again. Melinda :)