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UPS needs to get on the ball


Advanced Member
Nov 3, 2005
I am getting sick and tired of the way UPS does things. First of all, I have had packages get wet from being out in the rain because my dog barks at the UPS guy and now it's been two weeks since i sent a show in and my host still hasn't received it. I went on to check the shipment status and they had tried to deliver the packages 2 times. The reason they could not deliver is because they did not have the correct address. Well along with that they were going to try to send it once again or they were going to ship it back to HO. What i have a problem with is that they have a telephone number so why did they not call me and let me know there was a problem? That really makes me upset! I checked the address in pamperedpartner and is was the correct address,but somehow ups ended up with a totally different house number and a total different town. has anyone had this happen to you before? i don't know if it's HO fault or if it's ups fault. as much trouble as i have had with ups i am blaming it on them. i love to see that brown truck come but boy have i had some trouble...ok i am going to stop rambling now...btw i e-mailed HO about it!!!