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UPS Is The WORST! - SORRY long.

Sep 6, 2005
:( :( A host of mine had requested to have her show shipped to my home because she doesn't live in the best neighborhood. No problem. So I close her show and put my address in as the "ship to" address. I verify on the next screen that my address is the correct one. Yesterday I get the email that the show has shipped so I check tracking number and see that the package is set to go to THE HOST'S ADDRESS! Unfortunately she got the shipping email too and calls me right away - upset that the show is going to be delivered to her. I had read on here before about how we can have shipments redirected to our addresses by calling UPS. So I call yesterday and explain the situation and they were EXTREMELY helpful and nice and assured me that the packages might be delayed by a day but that they would definately arrive at MY address.

Last night, I check the tracking # again and out of 4 boxes, only ONE has been redirected. So this morning I call again and I get THE snottiest NASTIEST woman. I'm trying to explain the situation to her but she's interrupting me (No less than 4 times). I give her one of the tracking #s and after about 5 minutes of complete silence (I wasn't even sure if she was still on the line) she asks for my phone #. I give her that and again 5 or 6 minutes of complete silence. She then asks for my address and is silent again for (and I'm not exagerating) 14 minutes. I finally had to ask if she was still there and she responds (COMPLETELY EXASPERATED) "YES, I'm still here, I'm TRYING to help you.". At this point, I'm SO annoyed, but I am afraid to complain because I really need her to fix this problem. I was VERY friendly to her throughout this whole call. I went completely out of my way not to sound angry or upset about the fact that I had spent a half hour trying to fix this yesterday and it wasn't done.

Finally she goes "All right, I've sent the information to the driver. " and I said, "so is there any way for me to verify that it's going to arrive at my house and not the hosts" and she basically YELLS at me "MA'AM, I CAN'T GUARANTEE ANYTHING. THIS ISN'T UPS'S MISTAKE AND WE AREN'T REQUIRED TO FIX IT. IF IT WERE OUR MISTAKE, THEN THAT WOULD BE DIFFERENT."

Ok, I GET that it was P. Chef's mistake (or maybe even mine) HOWEVER, when they assured me the first day that it was going to be redirected and it wasn't - doesn't THAT then become THEIR mistake? And who cares whose mistake it is? If you have the ability to FIX it when it IS your mistake, don't you have the ability to fix it when it isn't? In the interest of customer service? I'm SO annoyed. I hate when I get stuck with a person who doesn't WANT to help.

I SOOOOO wish P. Chef would find someone else to do their deliveries.


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Nov 17, 2005
I think your troubles have come from a very cranky, very ill-suited-to-customer-care person. If you remember her name, and you're still feeling irked, I suggest you call UPS and report her. UPS needs her type like they need a hole in the head. Y'know?
Mar 2, 2006
Ya know, with all the problems we have had, you would think Home Office would take notice. Maybe if we all compained (not that it would make much of a difference) they would take notice. Maybe Ups is doing it on purpose. I mean, I one had a guy just drop my sample box from at least 4 feet, luckily there was nothing broken.. I was surprised. But I have had several hosts that had broken stones. Maybe all the drivers at Ups is getting tired of our nice brown boxes (which are sometimes very heavy, and several going to each place). Just my opinion.


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Jul 23, 2005
thats horrible! you are definately a better person that me. If she wouldve treated me like that I'm afraid that my temper wouldve got the best of me. Been praying hard t hat God takes that from me!! good job keeping your cool and hope all works out the best way possible.


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Jun 27, 2005
In defense of UPS, they have nasty people working for them just like PC has nasty people working also. I can't tell you how many times I have called the solution center to receive snide comments from the lady on the phone and talking to me like I am a child. In all honesty it is the nature of the beast. If they are not reported, they continue their behavior. UPS is no different than any other major company out there, trust me FedEx is no better. I just think we need to take the bad with the good. Keep in mind it is a cycle of everybody needing everybody else. We get our shipments from them which pays their salaries. I am sure that some of us have customers who themselves or spouse work for UPS or a company like them, so they in turn pay our checks. Not everybody is the same and a large company like PC or UPS can't micromanage every soul they have employed.
Just a thought:)


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Nov 3, 2005
my 2 cents...

The whole address thing is Pc's fault. I had this happen on a show not to long ago. The lady at pc told me that I must have not put the correct address in my pp so i checked and it was definately correct it took two weeks for the lady to get her show. She was pissed b/c she knows one of my other hosts and i turned her show in a day after hers and it only took 4 days to get hers. My host was to the point to where she didn't even want to do another show b/c of it.

I have had so many problems with pc lately with missing items and broken pieces.


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Apr 14, 2004
Pampered Chef did look into and actually use on an experimental basis a different shipping company a few years ago in a limited area. Oh the nightmares and complaints from customers anc consultants alike!!!!
Ups is way from perfect but they still may be the best of what's available.


Dec 29, 2005
I have had this same situation happen at least 3 times. PC says it's my fault. UPS has always been helpful . I would definitely report the person who helped you to someone. I worked retail for 12 years before PC, and people have to learn to keep their cool no matter how bad their day is going. There is no excuse for cust service anywhere to treat anyone that badly.


Mar 27, 2005
Sorry but I love UPS. I haven't had any problems with them, and my UPS guy is very nice.

BUT I had the same problem with the order being shipped to the host instead of me. I think this an issue with Pampered Chef not UPS. They can only send it where they are told too.

And personnally I think that some (Probably not all) of the problems with damaged items is the way it is packed. I find it funny how everything is just thrown into a box. Yes there is padding on top but not between the products.

I just had a host call about her Lg. Micro Cooker. The little tabs on the lid, two of them where broke off. I don't know but maybe if it was packed better that wouldn't of happened. And the missing products are definetly PC not UPS.

Just my 2 cents.


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Feb 2, 2005
I have had boxes arrive damaged and I think that it all UPS' fault. However, missing items and wrong items are definately warehouse problems. My opinion is that they are working so hard to get things out quicker, that they are not double checking the orders. But, I have 2 great UPS drivers. A couple of years ago I had 2 different orders delivered to the wrong house because the UPS driver didn't go far enough down on the street to reach my house. He said he delivered it to my house, which he didn't because it was at a house a block and a half down the street...same house both times. Luckily, I know the lady who lives there. I didn't get much help from UPS in locating the boxes. The lady was gone on vacation when both orders arrived. She did not return for a month. I had to go out and look for the packages myself. But now I have different drivers and they are both wonderful.

I can't figure out the shipping to a different address thing though. Did you check both places where you put the hosts address? You know you put it in the main show screen area, but you also have to put it in their payment area. I am not sure which one PP sends as the shipping address. How would they even have the hosts address?