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Pampered Chef: Bookings Unmotivated & Need Inspiration!

  1. Since JULY I have been in a slump. I was finally getting some shows on my calendar...then Katrina...now Rita (I live in S.Louisiana). I just dont feel like Pampered Chefing. My home is undamaged, but emotionally I am spent! My director (who does not live near me) is trying to be supportive. But I am just tired. I am not motivated to call people to get shows on my calendar.

    I don't know what I expect from opening this thread. I guess CONCRETE advice and tips to get myself motivated again. Reading the weekly bites and the prospect of getting free products is not even sounding appealing to me. Will my fire return? I wish I could wish myself motivated. I am just going through the motions at this point. Do I just keep plugging along? and will it come back? Ahhhhhh :eek:

    Anyway--- thanks for letting me express myself. If anyone else is out there and going throught the same thing let me know. I know there are lots of consultants effected by the recent Hurricanes. What are you guys doing to combat the difficult times?

    Sep 27, 2005
  2. monica_sweetconsultant

    monica_sweetconsultant Advanced Member Silver Member

    Hi Amber,

    I can understand. i wasnt affected by katrina but my family was. i live in north mississippi and my MIL lives in picayune...about 10 miles from slidell and 30 from biloxi. since katrina hit i have had several cancel on me due to them having family in NO or Biloxi. I'm not going to tell you what to do. IF it was me, i would try to keep going. since your not in the mood for it, try doing just a couple shows a month. see how that goes. maybe if you get a few GOOD shows in then that fire will come back. I did a show last week that turned out to be my highest sales show and a possible recruit. just dont shut the door completely yet. you have been through alot, and everyone should be able to understand that. see what happens after a couple months then re-evaluate the situation. i hope you choose to keep going...God bless ya!!
  3. cbord

    cbord Member

    I know how you feel.

    I too am from South Louisiana, Hammond LA.

    Our house was spared, the yard was not. Those pine trees snapped and just missed house, wiped out all fences. However; spared the 2 sheds, new cypress playset set and grandbabies pool. The trees fell in a circle around the pool, only the pool toys and cover were blown in neighbor's yard. We were without power for 11 days. Three of four of my sisters' family were under manadory evaualtion (New Orleans area) and some have return homee yet. All 3 of their homes are okay(no water or tree damage). One of three lost their job forever. One had a tornado pass over her home. It sucked out one wall in a room but the wall moved back into in. Of course it has to be replaced, They were so lucky.

    Now concerning PC. I was tired after Katarnia and so stress that I couldn't even focus on PC or anything. Then I received a call from a host that had a show scheduled for 5 days after I got power back. I still have very BAD phone service and NO CELL phone service. And no mail service, all our mail comes out of New Orleans. I finally talk to her and asked if she would reschedule and she said her and her guest were ready to have show. I pulled myself together and had the show. It turned out to be only 4 guest but show was enough to qualify for show, Host reschedule a catalog for Oct, to get roaster.
    Another host reschduled for this Friday, expects 15-20 guest.
    And another host called and change her show to a catalog showand is closing show tomorrow.
    All the of hostess contact me as soon as phone service was reseummed. They all said they want to do the shows because they felt it was getting back to normal things.

    The huricanes have changed things concernig my PC business. My mail service is really bad. I receieve my Sept. Consultant Kitchen News yesterday. Cell phones are still not good; several cell towers were wiped out in our area. Certain internet carriers (cable) are not working. And the grocery stores are very low on grocery items. But UPS delivery is fine so shows are being delivery on time.

    As for Oct. shows. One host reschedule from 1st to 15th. I have a catalog show for 15th and another kitchen show for 22nd.

    I am think guest want to get out and mingle and talk with friends. I know I was excited to see my host and friends who I hadn't seen since hurricanes. It felt good to be with a nice group of guest who was having a good time.

    One thing I did to hopefully increase sales and just to keep in contact with past hostess and customers is e-newsletter. I send it to all pass hostess and customers. I don't know how many actual are getting it since some servers are down. I also changed a little working in it and send it to future customers; those who never purchased or host.

    The other thing I am doing to help me PC business is cooking more recipes for our meals. This is restoring my interest in PC and getting me away from TV news. I am enjoying cooking.

    Things to help me reduce stress from hurricanes:
    Only watch news like a normally watch befoe hurrincane; once in morning and once in evening.
    Try to watch some of my favorite TV shows for entertainment. Some of our stations are not back to normal broadcasting.
    Spend time on computer-reading PC sites and working on my yahoo coupon site.
    Spend time with grandchildren.
    Take long hot baths with a cup of tea of General foods inernational coffee.
    Talk with friends and family.

    I think the best advice is to take care of yourself and family first and then other things will fall into place. I am glad you and your home were spared.

    Sep 28, 2005
  4. In reading your post my heart is full with compassion for you, and even though I live in Idaho where we are very fortunate as far as natures furies are concerned, please know that all of you who that have been affected by Katrina are the main focus of our prayers and rescources . As for your feelings on PC, my advice is give yourself a break if you feel the need. Your family comes first and they need you more right now. Pampered Chef realizes this (its the cornerstone of what this company is based on). You can always start up
    when your heart is in it again! Dont feel one bit guilty about putting yourself or loved ones first, your feelings are so, so normal and understandable! Take care of YOU and the rest will take care of itself. God Bless and you're in my prayers!!
    Sep 28, 2005
  5. pampered1224

    pampered1224 Legacy Member Silver Member

    I to can not even begin to know

    how you feel. I am also watching from a great distance, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but we too feel your pain. Not as severly and not with the amount of persepective you have, but I still cry at the TV things. In fact it is happening now too.
    I want to tell you one thing. You have to make you and your family the most important beings in your universe right now. Getting yourselves and your life back in order are number one. If Pampered Chef is not one of those somethings you can handle right now, well that just to darn bad. Pampered Chef Home Office understands this.
    You could also look at it as a chance to become part of the healing process.
    Laughter, good times, friends and fun are what we do. You could make it your personal mission to help get some smiles out there, be part of the cure one kitchen show at a time. It would also give you some direction.
    So, when you get the urge but before you have no shows for two months in a row, e-mail or better yet, call Field Services and ask about taking a break so you do not loose anything you have worked so hard for up to now. Do that for yourself. Remember that if you just go inactive, you loose all career sales and everything that goes with that. Do that for your self at least and ask about a leave of absence. I know they have something in place to help you out.
    In the mean time, all I can say is that we will all be thinking of you and keeping you all in our prayers and hoping you all the best in your personal life. So if you choose to muttle through and maybe help create smiles or when you get to a better place in your life and can started up again in Pamepred Chef, we will be there to cheer you on too! That's what family is for you know! That is for all you folks effected by Katrina and Rita. I mean it to. You are family and WE WILL BE HERE FOR YOU!
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2005
    Sep 28, 2005
  6. bbauman07

    bbauman07 Veteran Member Gold Member

    I also live far away from the tragedies of the huricanes that you must deal with everyday. Yet I do understand losing your PC motivation. I started my business in April of this year and in May (my 2nd SS month) I ended up in the hospital in preterm labor, which ended in the loss of one of my twin daughters. It was very hard for me to get out of bed let alone try to sell or even talk about PC. I tried to "restart" the end of July thought I was ready but it turns out I wasn't so I booked 1 show for Aug. and took a little more time to heal and this month I'm still here and for the first time ever I had a decent month, plus Oct and Nov are looking good as well. For me though I never know how I will feel when I wake up some days are good and some days are very very bad; but life must go on. My advice to you is to put in for a leave of absence and then take as much time as you need. I believe you can be inactive for one year before you have to resign a new contract, if in your heart at that time your not ready then sign a new c
    She right this worked for me.
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2005
    Sep 28, 2005
  7. cbord

    cbord Member

    PC home office has been great to us who have been in this hurricane.

    We don't have to make any sales until Jan. 2006, will have to make $200 sales in JAn.
    If we make any sales and were in our SS months all sales are banked from now until 12/31. And our next SS month is Jan. 2006.
    We can offered our host and guest the Sept. specials in Nov.
    Year free website subscription.
    double points in Nov, for Show on go.
    One enchandment orde anytime betwee now and 12/31.

    I thank them for helping us keep our business going.
    Even more stuff for directors.

    Sep 28, 2005
  8. DebPC

    DebPC Legacy Member Staff Member

    i had a show 5 days after 9/11. I don't live in NYC but of course everyone was affected by the events of that day. I was really torn. Do I do the show? Do I do a somber show? Do we cancel the show out of respect? The host wanted to have the show so I went not really knowing how things would go. That night at the same time as the show start time there was a nationwide vigil for a few minutes. We all lit candles and went out on her porch and had a moment of silence. We then went inside and had a great party.
    I played off the guests and they took their lead from me. Lots of laughing and good times. We were all able to forget for a little while the horrer of 9/11. I learned that when things are bad, people need to have some fun. They just need someone to show them how. You may be the person to lift peoples spirits and at the same time they may lift yours. but this is a decision only you can make.
    You're in our thoughts and prayers.
    Sep 28, 2005
  9. Thank you

    Hello all- After I started this post I was feeling guilty, like a survivors' guilt, because my family and home have been effected minimally compared to some. I am grateful for what I have, yet feel this tremendous sense of loss.

    I have thought about lots of advice and wisdom from around me. People need kitchen tools. People like to forget and have fun. I CAN decide to pick myself up and move forward. So...I mentioned to 3 people that day that I sell PC. I got a show booking!!! I will continue to move forward. A good friend of mine often says, "this too shall pass." and she is right.

    During my day job today I had the opportunity to drive through an area where the storm surge flooded homes. I realized its the people not the stuff that are important.

    Thanks again for all of your thoughts and prayers. CHARLENE- have fun with those grandchildren!!!

    Sep 29, 2005
  10. Chef Jill

    Chef Jill Member

    You are all an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your stories in a time of such tragedy and loss. To all who were affected by the hurricanes, our prayers our with you.
    Sep 29, 2005
  11. THanks again

    I just want to let you all know that last night I attended a meeting with a FABULOUS group of women from southwest Louisiana. Charlene...I didn't realize until tonight who you are! I am the short blonde in Ana's group from Lafayette! I would like to say that I was inspired and humbled by the group of ladies from the New Orleans area. Diane and Suzie were so gracious.

    Anyway...for those of you who dont already know, please be aware that TPC is wonderful to its consultants. I am so proud to be a part of this organization.

    I am inspired...I have set some goals and KNOW that I can achieve ALL of them!

    later- Amber
    Oct 4, 2005
  12. PampMomof3

    PampMomof3 Legend Member Gold Member

    Brooke-I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I couldn't even begin to understand what you had/are going through. Please know that you are in my prayers as well as all hurricane victims.

    I live on the east coast and hate hurricane season and now everytime we have a tropical depression, my 4 year old asks if there is a hurricane outside. We had minimal damage last year with the 3 hurricanes that hit us but we all have to pick up and move on. Thank you to all of you who have shared your story with us.
    Oct 4, 2005
  13. cbord

    cbord Member

    Hi Amber

    I am up early reading over notes from meeting last night.
    I am setting my goals today. I know first goal has ot be use the PHONE.
    Can I put your email in my address book? I would to keep and touch and see how your goals are going.
    Oct 5, 2005
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