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Turkey Biscuits



Ok, maybe I'm crazy... but these "directions" make no sense to me - but it sounds like they would be so fun for Thanksgiving!

Has anyone ever heard of these?

Turkey Biscuits
Regular Pillsbury Biscuits (8 oz can). Cut a 1/4 off of the biscuit, place
the piece under the remaining piece, fold to the center and then fold down.
Cut little slits in large biscuit to represent the feathers.

Place on Large Round Stone #1370. Follow directions on package for baking.
Cool on Stackable Cooling Rack #1587 Serve on Entertaining Set Striped
Platter #1988 which will sit in the Woven Rectangle Tray #2151. Use one of
the small Squares for Pat Butter. You can cut a stick with the Crinkle
Cutter #1063.


I do these all the time!

They are really easy to make.

You have the round biscuit sitting on the board in front of you. Cut off the bottom 1/4. With what's left, make marks with your knife to make it look like turkey feathers. Then, with the piece that you cut off you are going place it on edge ontop fo the "feather" portion, and tuck one end behind. This cutt off piece you are then going to push down into the other part so it doesn't pop off, and "mold" the head of the turkey.

This probably isn't making much sense, it's more of "live" illustration.