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Pampered Chef: Sales Trying something new

  1. lisasfuncooking

    lisasfuncooking Member

    I am trying to increase my sales for December. I was thinking of doing a Holiday Open House. I had made a long list of contacts. But I am concerned because I have been having health issues. I am afraid of overdoing it. I have alot on my plate. My November sales are around $2,500. And really want my December sales to be around the same or higher.
    So I was thinking of sending out flyers/ emails and having a sale/promotion?!. (Black Friday) I know I would have at least $500 in sales, so I thought I could break down the host benefits and have a drawing for anyone who places an order.
    1 50% off
    1 50% off
    1 25% off
    1 60% off monthly special
    1 $50 in free product
    1 $40 in free product
    1 $25 in free product (this I would offer out of my own pocket)
    Anyone who places an order can receive the Seasons Best Cookbook for FREE. Depending on how many orders are received, I would just put there name in a hat and pick who gets one of the above.
    I have never done anything like this before and just wanted your opinions.
    I know it would be better to do at my house but I couldn't have it until the
    1st w/0 Dec. I worry with the possiblity of snow ( then no body will get up my LONG STEEP driveway) Between that, not feeling well, the crazy barking dogs, ect...
    Do you think it's worth a shot?
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