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Trouble with bookings

Feb 21, 2005
Recently I have had some issuses with people that want to host a show(even set a date) and then not follow through. Last month 4 out of my 5 hosts cancelled or just wouldn't return my calls. Now this month I have yet another host that just will not return calls or e-mails. I am looking for ideas on how everyone else deals with this. Also when should I draw the line and not contact them anymore. I don't want to be that host that just will not leave someone alone! :confused:
Mar 22, 2005
Keep your head up

I suggest offering a gift like a Season's Best cookbook or something to that effect to help encourage them to keep their date. I've had similar months where that has happened. I give 2 calls or contacts then wait at least two weeks before calling again. In fact ask them "I know your really busy this month but when would be the best month you'd like me to call to reshedule your show". Add them to you hopper, call them in a few weeks time to see if their schedule lightens up. When you do call them tell them about the up coming monthly special. Hopefully that will excite them to book with you. :)
Feb 3, 2005
I know how you feel

I had approached my maid of honor to help me out with my new business, so I invited her to a show I was hosting myself. She had a great time and decided that she would have a kitchen show for me. A week after my show, she cancelled the show and told me no one in her family would be interested in coming. I suggested a catalogue show, and she said yes. We set a date to close the catalogue show, and she was excited. About a week after, I tried contacting her, leaving her messages anywhere I could, to find out how things were going, but she did not even return my calls. So, the date to close her show was here and still I had not heard from her. Two weeks after this, (and still trying to get a hold of her and no luck) I finally decided to call her mother, I explained the situation to her (but first made sure nothing happened to my maid of honor) and she relayed the message to her daughter, who then called me back in about an hour. She decided she could not go through with a catalogue show. Now wasn't that nice of her!
My advice is do not get discouraged. I only have about 2 shows a month(but working on getting more), but at those shows I buy a gift bag and I put plastic forks, plastic cups, paper plates, napkins, a little surprise in it and a coupon for $10.00 off there next order when they book a show. I tell all the guests that everything you need for hosting a show is in the bag and all they have to do is invite the guests. That's how easy it is to host a show. I have 3 of these bags set up on display and everyone starts asking questions about what's in the bag. It gets the guests interested and asking questions. I have had great feed back on it and at least I get 1 booking from doing this. I have been babbling on and on. Sorry! I hope this helps alittle.
Mar 17, 2005
Hi all,
That's why I'm scared to become a consultant. I'm new to this town and really don't know anybody. I do not live in place where I can have a open house ( no stove). Also money is tight I don't want to spend my money when I might not get shows to recoup the cost.


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Mar 15, 2005
idea's for Booking

I do this once in a while , I show a PARTY In A BAG I have a pretty gift bag and put in 10 of each forks, dishes, cups and napkins and then have a sign on the front Book a Party tonight and get a party in a Bag. All your paper goods, and I'll even bring the ingredints for 1 recipe. All You need to do is invite your friends and family and you even get all the FREE products . I will bring the bag the night of the show PS you need to have at least 8-10 people there . to get the Bag..... The bag only cost about 3-4 dollars to fill and I do the pull apart monkey bread or garlic bread and that only cost about 4 dollars or less to do But its worth it if 3-4 people Book that night Doreen

Lisa S

Nov 14, 2004
To Annverrett

I understand your concerns to becoming a consultant. Here are a few thoughts for you...

1) Talk to your director/recruiter about bookings. It sounds like you are really concerned about this. To get started, I contacted the people I knew really well and told them about my new business. I asked them if they would be willing to help me start my new business. I made 10 calls... and had 3 maybe's, 1 no and 6 yes's. I was able to do all 6 shows and qualify. You will be amazed who is willing to help you get started. PLUS, with the new consultant requirements, you only have to do 4 shows or $1250 to qualify and then you own your kit.

2) Don't worry about not having a stove. You can do something as simple as the "potato show" where you use one potato to demo a number of tools, including talking about stoneware.

3) The investment. It does cost $90 to buy the kit but it is amazing to see how quickly you get a return on your investment. I always need things written out for me, so maybe this will help you. I always recommend new consultants aim for that $1250 that first month, as you will receive add'l Bonus products by doing so. Here is the breakdown...

$350.00 Value of Super Starter Kit
$126.25 Value of Month One Bonus Products
$250.00 Commission Check (20% of $1250)

$726.25 TOTAL!!!

Now if you are thinking there is no way you can sell $1250 in one month, there is. Consider that amount as being split between 4 shows (one a week) of $312.50 each. That's very possible, since the company's average Kitchen Show is $450.

Take the time to speak to your recruiter/director about your concerns. They are here for you. If you do not have a recruiter or director, please contact me directly and I would be more than willing to discuss your concerns in detail to find a solution that works for you.

Lisa Schulteis
Consultant #414493
[email protected]