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Trick or Treats?


Sep 24, 2005
Has anyone had any luck handing out little bags with P info to parents of their trick or treaters? I had some small Halloween themed bags and stamped some theme show recipe cards with my info and also typed up a small "host a kitchen show"note. Any one done this before and if so how did it go?


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Mar 13, 2005
I did it last year. I put a sticker on the outside that said something like "You'd be a "smartie" if you booked a Pampered Chef Party" Then included my info. Put the sticker on a trick or treat bag and put Smartie Candies inside. Didn't get me any bookings tho. But I did use them at my shows this year and people did get a kick out of them.


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Nov 24, 2004
Sticker Slogans for Candy Wrappers

* Smarties - Be a SMARTIE, book a party! Visit my website at …
* Mounds - Earn MOUNDS of free kitchen tools....call me today!
* Payday - Join Pampered Chef and have an extra PAYDAY! or Need an extra PAYDAY? Call me for details!
* Lifesavers – Pampered Chef has been a real LIFESAVER for me, it could be for you, too! Call me today!
* Tootsie Rolls – Your little TOOTSIE’s will love the free family vacations that ROLL in from your Pampered Chef paycheck.
* Now & Later – Book NOW, Get free products LATER!
* Nestle Crunch - No need to CRUCH the numbers...It's FREE when you host a show!
* Snickers - Hosting a show is so much fun, full of laughs and SNICKERS for everyone! A Pampered Chef paycheck is nothing to SNICKER at. It’s been a real LIFESAVER for me!
* Look Bar - Look at what Pampered Chef has to offer
* Amazing Bar- Look at how AMAZING our Company is. or Our Host benefits are AMAZING! Visit my website for details.
* Whoppers – Want a WHOPPER of a paycheck? Contact me today!
* Story for goody bags
Looking for a WHOPPER of a good time this Holiday Season?
Interested in a Pampered Chef Shopping SPREE?
Why not host your own Holiday Kitchen Show & earn lots of free, 1/2 price & discounted?
After a great night of food, friends and fun, your guests will surely leave smiling!
So, be a SMARTIE and book your Pampered Chef Party today! Hope to hear from you soon! Happy Halloween!

I plan to give them to the adults that answer the door. When they give a treat to my kids, I'll give them one of mine.


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Oct 26, 2005

I did on the back of my cards last year:

Don't be a DUD
Call me to book a WHOPPER of a party!

DUDS SMARTIES AND WHOPPER in a baggy with my card stapled to the baggie!
Oct 21, 2005
what I am doing

while walking my daughters around I will be dressed in pampered chef clothing
and I will pass out this flyer out to the people we get candy from
To all the mummies::

Looking for a WHOPPER of a good time this Holiday Season?

Interested in a Pampered Chef Shopping spree?

Or how about receiving a

PAYDAY twice a month by owning your
own $100,000 GRAND business a year.

(Any dream is possible in Pampered Chef)

Why not host your own Holiday Kitchen Show & earn

lots of FREE, HALF-PRICE & DISCOUNTED Kitchen Tools?

After a great night of food, friends, and fun, your guests will

leave wanting S'MORE! So be a SMARTIE and book your

Pampered Chef Party today! Hope to hear from you soon!

H-A-P-P-Y H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N !

P.S. The "Ghostess with the mostessess" in
November will be put into a drawing for a
FREE Simple Additions Small Bowl Caddy
All show types included:

Kitchen, Catalog, Internet, Fundraiser or Bridal Show

You book it and I'll cook it

Contact Lori Elliott
independant kitchen consultant

410-388-9390 or email
[email protected]


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Jun 29, 2005
I was just getting ready to make a post asking if anyone ever passed anything out while taking their kids Trick or Treating!!!! Thanks for posting that!


Sep 24, 2005
Thanks for the great ideas!

I had planned on doing the shopping "Spree", which was also a suggestion of my directors, but ofcourse, they were no were to be found (I wish I had thought of the "Now and Later" idea but I guess it will have to wait until next year. I just added a small strip of paper, along with a Celebrations Recipe Card (with my info stamped on it!) that encourages people to book a "holiday" party in December, or earn 50%more in free products for January. Hopefully I will get a "bite" :rolleyes: or two...get it bite...halloween...candy...ha ha ha.


Sep 5, 2005
What a great idea!

Being that tonight is Halloween I don't have time to do anything fancy. I thought I would hand out the dessert recipe cards with the candies - recipe to the parents, candy to the kids. I had some Ice Cream and Chocolate cards from my kit that I haven't yet used. I made sure to put a sticker on the back with my name and number.

This is one way to get your name out as a consultant, and, more than likely, the kids will be from around my neighbourhood.

Happy Halloween !!!


I am anxious to hear how this went for everyone who tried it. We just moved to this house so wasnt sure how many trick or treaters we would have. Had 115 kids but not many adults come to the doors with them they all stayed at the end of drive or in vehicles so would have had luck with about 30 adults. Maybe I will try it for next year!


Sep 24, 2005
We'll see

I gave away about twenty cards with Host Special info.To the parents who did not come to the door, I just gave it to the kid. One skipped away from my house, toward her mom in the car saying "Mommy Look Your Favorite!" hopefully she is not already a consultant.
As I said, if I get one show or order from this it would be worth it! Those recipe cards are nice and cheap!! :D