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Town and country window decal


Nov 12, 2005
since we no longer have town and country how can i get a personalized decal for my window?


Advanced Member
Nov 24, 2004
Merrill offers a window decal, but it does not allow for personalization. You can go to just about any car detailing shop, even Pep Boys (or Auto Zone I believe also carries). You can get letters or numbers to adhere to your window.
I sure hope Merrill will increase their product line as their business with Pampered Chef increases. Although the business cards and a couple of other items are really nice, I am just not that impressed with the overall selection. Perpahs I just have to much stuff already; I don't know.


Veteran Member
Nov 9, 2005
I am really bummed that Merrill Corp does not have the window decal that we can personalize. I was going to order one from T&C before the 12/31 deadline but decided to wait for the new vendor! Now I am wishing I would have ordered it! Ugh!

Is there any way to make a suggestion for items that we would like to see Merrill Corp have or carry??


Veteran Member
Jun 20, 2005
I too am now in a predictament because I only ordered one decal and so now my van is lopsided! I had planned on buying another before the end of the year, but a financial castrophe happened right before the holidays and wasn't able to and NOW I need another one!