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Totes for Sale

Mar 26, 2005
I have the following for sale:

2 small black shoulder bags with pampered chef logo on them - we earned them two years ago April (I think) $10 each plus shipping

1 large rolling bag royal blue with pampered chef logo - $20 plus shipping - this was great for carrying paperwork, the only reason I am getting rid of it is because I earned the show to go

1 black tote - nylon with pampered chef logo - wide and sturdy - good for paperwork to show also $5 plus shipping

1 large black bag from AIM with pampered chef logo on it, this bag is very spacious with zipper top, front zipper flap opens to smaller pockets for pens, keys, etc sort of like the pampered chef briefcase only better! $20 plus shipping

all bags are in great condition - just trying to clean out after 5 years! :D
Mar 26, 2005
Yes I would be happy to - the black bag with the wheels on it is exactly like the one at VIP only it is Royal blue instead of black and it is $15 - The attached picture is of the black sling bag we earned a few years ago and it is $10 - the other ones I will have to post this weekend when I get my digital camera back. sorry I cant do them all right now!


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