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Pampered Chef: Sales Tooting my own horn

  1. Tropicalburstqt2

    Tropicalburstqt2 Advanced Member Gold Member

    This afternoon I hosted my 1st show for my MIL. I didn't do as much host coaching as I should have (shame on me), but she invited 30 people & most of which I didn't know. We made the turkey cranberry wreath & the molten lava cake. None of the guests wanted to participate so my SIL who's 9 & her 2 friends made the recipe while I talked about all of the products. The food turned out good & it seemed as though everyone had a great time. There were about 17 people that showed up, 7 of which were buying guests. So far, the show sits at $332. I sent 1 book home with a guest so here daughter can look at it. I also left 3 books for the host for guests who couldn't attend & requested a catalog. I also have 2 of my aunts that want to look at a catalog & add to the show. Finally, I have 1 booking for a date sometime in January. The host has to coordinate the date around her father's rehab but will be contacting me soon. I also have a potential booking for a show in the next few months. One of the guests that goes to church with my MIL sold a few things to her neighbor after the show & now is considering doing a show!! I'm sorry this message is so long, but I'm so excited I could sing!! :sing:
  2. patty42240

    patty42240 Member

    Toot AWAY! You did great! Be sure and follow up and make sure the host understands that the more orders she gets.. the bigger her free product values will be! Keep up the good work!
    Nov 21, 2009
  3. Patty Davis

    Patty Davis Member

    Great job!!!!
    Nov 21, 2009
  4. mountainmama74

    mountainmama74 Advanced Member Gold Member

    Congratulations! That is an exciting day!
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