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Pampered Chef: ToolTurnaround restyle Fail

  1. mspibb

    mspibb Member Gold Member

    I seriously dislike the new Tool Turn around. I stand my chopper in the center, which doesn’t exist in the new one. It is way smaller (The black one I carry to shows is packed to overflowing now!) and every time I try to pick it up I pull the Center section out! For use at shows the spoon rest is handy because I don’t carry the current version to shows, but the rest of the restyle is a fail as far as I’m Concerned!
    Feb 20, 2018
  2. chefjeanine

    chefjeanine Legacy Member Gold Member

    I'm not impressed. Too small, just like the bamboo one. Also, you can't take it apart and give it a thorough washing like the current model. :(
    Feb 23, 2018
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  3. And the new untensils are bulkier so they take up more room. I can’t get my Garlic Press in there either which I can do with the Bamboo and Black Tool Turn-Abouts
    Feb 27, 2018
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  4. I was considering ordering that but maybe I should rethink that...
    Mar 1, 2018
  5. I have it and it’s very pretty but not as handy as the Black one. If they used the same measurements and did all the magic to it, it would be PERFECT!
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  6. chefjeanine

    chefjeanine Legacy Member Gold Member

    I know they are encouraging us to take just what we need to show. This should do the trick. I wondered about the garlic press fitting. Without running to the other room to look, I'm guessing it will only fit in the middle section.

    I guess the old turnabout must not have been a big seller -- perhaps mostly to Consultants. But if I hadn't earned it for free, I would probably not have purchased.
    Mar 1, 2018
  8. The Garlic Press doesn’t fit. The Smooth Edge Can Opener fits tightly
  9. chefjeanine

    chefjeanine Legacy Member Gold Member

    Mar 2, 2018
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