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Tip or new Tart Pan


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Apr 14, 2004
Tip for new Pampered ChefTart Pan

Great Tip for the New Tart Pan

FYI It is so easy to forget that the bottom comes out of the new Tart Pan! The very thing that makes it easy to serve from can also cause some kitchen challenges!

We have made the White Chocolate Raspberry Tart a few times which is awesome, but while putting the crust into the refrigerator, you must hold onto the sides of the pan. So many of us are used to putting our hand underneath of a dish or platter and you'll just push right up through throwing your crumb crust or other ingredients all over the place. After vacuuming up oreo cookies mixed with butter after my husband was helping me by preparing the crust and then doing just that, I thought maybe we could save one or two or you (or your down-lines) the frustration and avoid the possible temptation to get down on the floor and eat up the mess :)!

My Tart Pan fits perfectly inside my Deep Dish Baker, so I plan to put my Baker in the freezer and then slide my crust-lined Tart Pan quickly down inside it so it cools quickly while I prepare the rest of the ingredients. Then, after the filling is completed and placed inside the crust, I'll put it back into the freezer to help it cool faster than the hour that is needed in the refrigerator. No more worries either about popping out the bottom by accident until I am actually ready as the Deep Dish Baker protects the bottom. (Thanks to Donna Sneeringer