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Tip for the BRU Event!


Advanced Member
Jan 19, 2005
Hi all!

I was excited to learn about the BRU events (on this board) and I am working the May show. We also secured June, July and August.

I have read some wonderful ideas for the event. Many of the people on this board are working very hard to make their display look great. I am "borrowing" some of the ideas.

I really want to point out the singe most important bit of information I can. To make your event successful, please make sure you do not sit down. If at all possible, get in front of your table. Sometimes people view the table as a wall and they will not be as willing to approach you. I think everyone is offering a drawing or multiple drawings and these are great. If anyone is walking anywhere near your table, please make sure you call out to them and say, "Hi or Good Afternoon, Would you like to register to win a Pampered Chef...?" This will get a lot more people to your table. I did this at a festival in the fall and I had some great success with it. Other vendors were just sitting around and hoping someone would approach their table. They did not get much action.

Good luck to all!


Mar 3, 2006
When I got my BRU spot I was told I was not to sit down. The lady in charge said that this was an exchange of info so I needed to be up and about talking to everyone. It dose sound like the best way to get people intrested. I know I would stop and talk to someone if they spoke to me! Keep it personal to them when you talk! If they are prego ask when baby is due, tell them how cute their kids are, that kind of stuff. People seem to open up once you are nice to them and intrested in their life. That is my 2 cents!!