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Thought this was interesting


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Jul 23, 2005
I had my third show on tuesday and it was the largest attendance show i had with 6 people there. We really had a good time. On my other shows nobody bought anything that i had with me. it was always different things in the catalog. but at this show i sold 2 garlic presses, 3 crinkle cutters, 2 deluxe cheese graters, and a couple pizza stones. i dont know what i did different this time but thought that it was amuzing i sold so many of them. i let 3 people try each of the above things. i didnt know that getting people involved really helped generate sales like that. anyway....just wanted to share a thought.

Monica Sweet
Kitchen Consultant


Apr 22, 2005
I agree, letting people try out our products helps the sale. People at shows think of you as a trained professional who has used these things numerous times. But, if you let other people try and it is the first time they have used the item, their enthusiasm sells the product. At every show now, I try to get people involved in trying my stuff.

Debbie :)