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This site made my 1st cluster meeting a great success!!


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Mar 1, 2006
I went to my very first cluster meeting the other night, and thanks to this site, I was able to share an idea that everyone loved, even though I have yet to do my first show! I was so happy and proud. I am very interested in trying the "Book to Look" idea at my shows, and I was interested to hear all the creative different ways it could be done. I asked my cluster about it, and they had never heard of it before, so I explained it to them. My director was thrilled and said she was going to start using it right away. I gave them all the address for this site and told them about how much I have learned from you girls (and guys) already. I was so happy to be able to contribute at my first meeting even though I'm just a newbie. Thank you all!!


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Apr 14, 2004
Thanks so much for promoting our site and we're glad it has already been very helpful to you. Between Chef Success and attending your monthly cluster meetings you're bound to be very successful!


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Mar 6, 2006
While were praising this site & of course Deb & Greg....I was ready to give up PC, wound up on Yahoo (What a joke!!;) ) luckily I read a post from someone who was promoting this site & I have FINALLY found a family in PC. Thank You So Very Much, Ginger:D