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Things are looking up!

Dec 30, 2005
I have been a little down because I have run out of shows and I am only in SS2! BUT....in the past two days I have had 3 fundraisers book for May and I am doing my open house this weekend and I will hopefully get some more bookings from that. My 5 year old son was the cutest thing, he wanted to give invites to everyone in the neighborhood. He told everyone it was for his mom's "Paper Chef" business and that they could come and buy lots of stuff. Who can say no to that?! Plus I am doing the BRU in May too! I am REALLY trying to earn at least the Level Two trip and to pay for putting together a game room for Kenneth while he is gone with the military. I have until August to get the basement put together and decorated! Things are looking up! :)



I'm glad that things are looking up! May could be a stellar month. Make some calls to past hosts, preferred customers, or anyone you think would like to order but hasn't yet and see if you can round up that last $90! I love my US&G!! Good luck.