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Pampered Chef: Thermal shock for stoneware?

  1. babywings76

    babywings76 Legend Member Gold Member

    I know that you shouldn't take something from the freezer and put it into a hot oven, thought it can cause thermal shock and break your stone. What about something from the fridge, though? I made a breakfast casserole ahead last night so I could just pop it in the oven this morning. But it feels really cold and I'm nervous about sticking it in a 450 degree oven. Any thoughts?
    Jul 22, 2009
  2. Ginger428

    Ginger428 Legacy Member Gold Member

    I would leave it out for about 10-15 minutes, I think it should be ok after that....
    Jul 22, 2009
  3. kdangel518

    kdangel518 Advanced Member Gold Member

    Bring it to room temp first
    Jul 22, 2009
  4. Beth1170

    Beth1170 Member

    I'm not sure if this is a PC suggestion or one I heard from another consultant, but when I am placing something cold from the fridge I will usually put it in a cold oven and let it preheat at the same time as the oven. I just watch cooking times so that it does not over bake/cook. I have thankfully never had any thermal shock, I have had some of my stoneware for 14 years. (Long before I became a consultant)
    Jul 22, 2009
  5. babywings76

    babywings76 Legend Member Gold Member

    Thanks everyone! I decided to just stick it back in the fridge and do it for dinner. We like doing breakfast for dinner, so that's what we'll to tonight. DH had to get to work early and I've got to run DD to art class this morning, so being tight on time I decided to just hold off. Kdangel, I think that's a good idea, I'll have to do that next time I don't have time to set it out. This morning I had already preheated, so I was unable to do that method. :)
    Jul 22, 2009
  6. AnnieBee

    AnnieBee Veteran Member Gold Member

    I have cooked a breakfast casserole in my rectangular baker straight from being in the fridge overnight, but mine was at 350F, or maybe 375F. So, I would suggest either leaving it out of the fridge for 10-15mins like Ginger said and/or putting it in the oven preheated to 350F and then raise the temp up to 450F.

    Jul 22, 2009
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