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Pampered Chef: The Worm game

  1. The Worm Game

    For this game you will need one small gift nicely wrapped or in a
    gift bag.

    "This is the worm. This worm is going to help us get acquainted
    today." Start by introducing yourself and describe kitchen with an adjective that begins with the same letter of your first name.

    For example, My name is Jana and my kitchen is jumpin' and this is the worm. Then the next person will introduce themselves and repeat back the first person's name and kitchen description. This keeps going until everyone has introduced themselves and everyone prior to them. As the group continues to pass the worm and introduce themselves and previous people, the Rep. should assist anyone needing help with name and/or adjective. After everyone is done the Rep. takes the worm back. Then will ask "Who was the first guest to arrive here today?" When the person is identified, they are given the worm (gift), and the Rep. says, "Great, the early bird gets the worm!"
    Sep 24, 2004
  2. PamperedChef05

    PamperedChef05 Novice Member

    I loved that!

    I think that was an awsome thing to do! I will do that for my next show, cause I have a lot of return guests who are always late and after that, they may not be late again!
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