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Pampered Chef: The Saga of my Quick-Stir Pitchers.

  1. akrebecca

    akrebecca Rebecca M. Silver Member

    So, I have both quick-stir pitchers. The large one had a small run in with my oldest daughter. She broke the slidey thingy that strains and etc.... Not sure how, but she did it. Since it was still under warrenty, I called up, got an adjustment number. Have to send the whole pitcher in as there is no replacement parts available. Ok. Need to find a box to put it in, but thats fine. Thanks to PC got plenty of boxes to ship it back in.

    That was Sunday. Fast forward to tonight. My oldest is putting away dishes and I hear a thud. "Rachel, you ok in there?" Silence. "Rachel?" "Umm. Mom? Umm. Do you love me?" "What did you break?" "Ummm." Sigh. "Rachel, did you break one of my pitchers?" "Ummm, yes?" "Please tell me it was the big one." "You mean the one in the fridge with juice in it?" Sigh. Guess I will call in the morning.

    Could really use one of them right now as a new gallon of milk has a leak...halfway down.
    Mar 25, 2009
  2. my smalll one isn't in use.... I live in eagle river!
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