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Pampered Chef: The Phone is Your Friend!

  1. DebPC

    DebPC Legacy Member Staff Member

    Here Are Your Tips For Phone Calls....

    1. The Phone Is Your Friend: Phone=$. Keep A Mirror By The Phone - Host Coaching Calls - After A Few, Reward Yourself. Block Out Small Amounts Of Time, Set Up Times To Talk With Hosts.

    2. Start With A Most Probable Yes, Will Set You Up For A Positive Attitude. Excitement Is Contagious.

    3. Give The Hostess A Reason To Call Her Guests The Night Before; Ie. Have Them Bring Their Most Disgusting Scraper And Have A Contest.

    4. Plan On Sunday Evening Phone Calls - Everyone Seems To Be Home From Weekends Away, Getting Relaxed And Ready For Their Workweek. Seems To Be The Best Time To Catch Hosts, Etc.

    5. Introduce Yourself, Then Ask If They Can Sacrifice 4-5 Minutes.

    6. Get A Phone With A Headset.

    7. Have All Your Specials And Info In Front Of You.

    8. Do The 3 Call System For Host Coaching.

    9. Pick Up Your Phone. Remove All Distractions/multi-tasking.

    10. Commit To Making Time For Calls Consistently And Then Just Do It!

    11. Advertise On Your Answering Machine - Everyone Should Be Saying They Are A Pampered Chef Consultant.

    12. Get Supportive Spouse To Take Detailed Phone Messages.

    13. Make Them! Put Out Post-it Notes, Set A Time, No Interruptions! Make 5 Calls A Day.

    14. Be Prepared With The Right Materials - Have Your Show Planner, Host Coaching Card, Guest Specials, Host Bonus, Etc.

    15. Tape $100 Monopoly Money To Your Phone To Remind You That A Booking Or Recruit Can Lead To Cash.

    16. Leave A Message @ All Times When You Make Calls As Many People Have Caller Id And Will Just Wonder Why You Called.

    17. Keep Them Short And Simple. Ask The Person If It's A Good Time For Them To Talk.

    18. Simle When You're Talking/listening. Take Notes For Future Follow-up.

    19. Take The Emotion Out Of It And Just Get Down To Business Making Your Calls.

    20. Call Customers And Ask For Reorders. Seasonings Are Consumable Along With Our Other Pantry Collection And Soap, Lotion And Fizz.

    21. Be Sure To Track Your Calls Using Customer Care Log.

    Hope These Help!
    Pam Sztukowski
    Dec 20, 2004
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