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The fear factor!


Jun 16, 2005
I really don't know how to overcome this problem of maintaining my motivation. I know that with sales you have to keep yourself motivated, and most of the time I do ok. The problem is when I get a few bad responses from people I become fearful that everyone is going to respond that way. I really would appreciate it if you would share ways you keep yourself motivated even when the fear factor overtakes you.


Gold Member
Jan 6, 2005
Honestly??!! What motivates me is when my credit card bill comes in....
I have a HUGE shopping problem that of course lands me in HUGE debt, so my hubby and I worked out a plan that ALL my PC money is mine to do what I'd like with....unfortunately...I'm currently using all my PC money for that CC bill, for all the joys I had previously before PC..that in all honesty we couldn't afford at the time...BUT when that bill is paid off...I'm going to have so much fun, because my next motivation is to plan that romantic trip for two that I haven't been on since my honeymoon almost 5 years ago....
So everyone's motivation is different...you just put those things in front of you or near you that will help "push" you along towards the goals you want to achieve...the bigger thing is...don't take things personally...its hard for us as humans (and sometimes as woman) to do...but you have to roll the negativity off your back and move on... and by golly, how fantastic you are going to feel once those goals and and achievements have been accomplished...and then you set new ones so you can have that you continue to have that amazing feeling...
I hope that helps...and above all...remember what your goals are and what you have to do to make it happen!! P.S. Don't forget to enjoy yourself!


Jul 12, 2005
I am motivated by my personal short term goals. There is nothing like meeting a goal! For example, I am extremely excited of what I can offer my hosts and guests in September. So, I shoot for a goal of 2 shows a week. I only focus on that, and if I don't get it, I move on to the next week!

I love being recognized at my meetings for being in the top of my cluster. I love when my stats are read, and people clap and get excited for me. I LOVE that!

I also am motivated by challenges I set up with co-workers and my director. For example, I want to become a director. I see how much more money my director makes, and we have the same show schedule. So, we challenge each other with bookings (not sales). Whoever has more bookings held and submitted in one month takes the other one out for lunch the next month. My co-worker and I work together to both reach for director. We're "Baking Buddies", so to speak. We share ideas, good and bad shows, and offer encouragement and advice for recruiting and booking.

I am motivated to earn free products when incentives are offered. I am motivated by the thought of walking across the stage at Leadership Conference. I am motivated by the thought of helping people.

I just get myself EXCITED! I've had slumps...oh, some bad slumps. But when I was in a slump, I got a little slip of paper that has inspired me to continue with this business:
"The wonderful thing about the game of life is that winning and losing are only temporary...unless you quit."

I know what I am giving those people who want to take advantage of what I'm offering. For those who don't, I think "their loss". Not in a mean way, but I can only give what I have to give. If it's not enough to motivate THEM to have a show/place an order/become a consultant, then I can't motivate them no matter what I say. I just have to do the best I can to offer them the big picture, whether its a show or an opportunity.

Of course I'm fearful of the word "no". I can't honestly tell you that I have a few minutes of hesitation before I pick up the phone. But after the first few calls, my hesitation is gone, and I'm proud of myself for doing it.

When your mindset changes from "how much am I going to make this month" to "what can I offer people this month", you're fears will be calmed. You assume people are bothered, or frustrated, or ____ (whatever the fear) that you're calling them. You assume everyone is going to be the same. Just draw back on those hosts who you've had a great relationship with, or customers you've loved having at your shows. Call them, give them an out of the box call, thank them for a great show...then move on to those people you don't have relationships with.

I am EXCITED to be part of this company. I am EXCITED my hosts will get awesome deals on stoneware. I am EXCITED my new consultants will get a roasting pan. I am EXCITED that I get to try new theme shows this fall. I am EXCITED that I've met so many great people on this site to share concerns, advice and vents with.

Find what excites you....because excitement is like a yawn..once someone yawns, you yawn too. If your excited, they'll be excited too. Just don't give up. Don't get down. Go back to what made you decide to join this business, and write the reasons down. Put them on a paper, laminate it, highlight it, decorate it, whatever!!! Then keep it in front of you.

Okay, I'll stop talking... :) :D


Jun 16, 2005
Wow, I ask for motivation and that is exactly what I recieved. I know I just have to push through this. I need to let these feelings propel me instead of hold me back. This has been my first time since I started in July to feel this way. Thanks so much.
Jun 8, 2005
Six week slump

Funny you should mention this, my director talked to me around my fifth or sixth week after I started and asked how I was doing--she explained that a lot of consultants hit what she called a "six-week slump"--that all the enthusiasm and energy that carried you along when you first joined up is starting to flag and all the doubts and worries start creeping in.
The best thing to do is just keep slogging through it. You know the phrase, "Fake it 'til you make it" ? :D
Just force yourself to make the calls, do the homework. Listen to the CD's again, watch the Your First Show video again. Really, think of it as a phase, one that will pass. A good show, a new booking, a pleasant phone call and you'll get your momentum back--don't worry!!! :)
Best of luck,


Mar 26, 2005
Your Heart Tug

We did a little excercise in our Cluster Meeting about why we really are doing PC. My hospitality director had a gift box, wrapped and said it represented the business... you take off the bow, (maybe extra money) the wrapping (earn products), and open the box (maybe the incentives) and there lies the true gift of doing PC!

We had a sheet of paper numbered down from 20-1 and we were asked to list all the reasons you joined PC. She stated that you would have a flood of reasons until you have about 5 left...then it starts getting tough! By number 2 or 1, you find YOUR real motivation for keeping with your business...(it usually has nothing to do with money, products, etc). It was a real tear jerker (believe me, once you do it you'll see why).

The Number 1 reason is "Your Heart Tug". Its what keeps you coming back to your business!

Then we had everyone bring in something that reminded them of their heart tug..(family pictures etc.). I was sooooo unmotivated before identifying my heart tug... now I am roaring and ready!!

I think this came from Conference, but I didnt go and I am not sure.

Try it!! It may help!