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The Demo Part

Jun 22, 2005
I've never been to a PC show and yet am still very serious about starting a PC business, but would like more info. Please tell me what the demo portion of the show is like. Do you set up a table and guests sit around and watch you? Or do you usually demo in the host's kitchen/at the counters? Typically is it a monologue by you? Or is it back and forth with the guests? Please paint me a picture.



Novice Member
Jun 17, 2005
I do demo's both in the kitchen and out in livingroom or which ever my host prefers and of course dependent on space, etc. I always keep my show interactive with guests coming up to help as well as adding in their own comments/suggestions based on what products they may have. I find that guest suggestions on products sell items better than just my own. Everyone has their own style for shows and you will develop your own. Pampered Chef has some excellent videos you can purchase with show demos on them so that you can view different styles. You get one video with your kit.

I would love to talk to you more and if you are not working with another consultant, I would love to work with you and answer any questions you may have.

[email protected]

kitchen queen

Mar 20, 2005
a typical show


(Remember...a lot of preparation/host coaching has happened before you get to this stage.)

You go into your hosts home & set up your product and prep the food you are going to prepare. Visit with your host and make him/her at ease about the party. Remind them that it's a party and they should relax and let you do your job.

You set up normally on a table near the kitchen...as you are cooking. Once the guests arrive you visit...when the show starts, you thank your host for having you explain what she's working on getting for free that evening & have each guest tell you about themselves & their favorite P.C. product.

You then intro yourself, why your there....what you are making.

Then you start and prepare your demo...all the while talking about the PC products. Now how much you talk mono & how much you converse is all up to the crowd. I have sometimes had crowds that don't say anything...other times I have had crowds that I will say, "You know enough about these products that you should be up here....which is a great lead into the benefits of being a consultant.

Throughout your demo you give cooking tips, benefits of various products, explainations of why our products are the best, benefits of booking a show & consulting.

If I can do this so can you!! Just go for it. Where are you located? I'm in Ohio. Email me if you have anymore questions...I've only been doing this for 3 months now, but I love it and can't imagine my life without it!

Good Luck!!

janel kelly

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Feb 19, 2005
You'll be able to tell by the guests at your show if you will do alot of talking or if they will. I don't know about anyone else but I don't like to just monologue about PC the whole time. If you find yourself with a bunch of quiet guests you could always play a little game before the demo to kind of break the ice.

As far as where to do the demo it is normally up to the host. I've found that most of the time when I go to my hosts' house they already have an area prepared for me. I have had some bring a table to the living room so everyone has a place to sit and I've done a couple where everyone has sat around the table while I did the demo. I even have a card table at my home that I can bring if the host doesn't have a free table. I've never taken it but its always an option. Let us know if you have any more questions!


Apr 22, 2005
Demo Portion

Hi Sarah,
The demo portion is basically you preparing one or two recipes using as many PC products as possible. You start off by introducing yourself, then have everyone else introduce themselves and maybe have them tell everyone their favorite PC product and how they use it most. Then maybe play a short game or start recipe 1. While recipe 1 is cooking either do second recipe or talk about some other products that you did not show. During your demo you want to mention 3 times about hosting a show and the business opportunity. If you have any other questions, e-mail me, I would love to help. If you are not currently working with someone I would love to get you started. Good Luck with Pampered Chef. Make sure you chack out the rest of this site. There is a lot of useful info.

Good luck again,
Debbie :)


Jun 6, 2005
Cooking Demos

Hi Sarah,

It's great you are expressing some interest in the company. I just got back from the Big Pampered Chef Conference and have received some get information to add to my shows.

Show demos are all you want to put into them. I don't usually do games but like to give everyone a chance to ask questions, use the tools and have fun. I like to WOW them with tips and get some WoW form them. I've done shows like everyone else says were the host wants. I've even been in the back yard.

We all have a wealth of info and Pampered Chef has videos, tapes and tele-a-classes that you can use. I do have some videos of home demos, we all get them and they are great starters.

There is a great starter kit that is always a super special and a bonus as well. I can't say on line till Sunday. If you need to talk with someone and don't have a consultant I would love to chat and well as anyone of us on line. Good Luck and let us know what you DO. :)


Mar 27, 2005
In England

I can't imagine it is much different over here, but I usually have a table in the living room so all the guests can sit. Before the guests arrive I set up my table and pre-prepare some of the ingredients. Once everyone is ready, I thank the host, tell them about me and usually ask a question like "what have you eaten before you came out tonight" to find out a bit about the guests. I do a stoneware talk before I start, then I talk about each piece of equipment as I use it, giving food tips or product anecdotes where I can to make it interesting. Once the recipe is in the over, I go through the survey slips and take the orders etc. scattering booking and recruitment bids wherever I can.

I hope this helps!


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Oct 5, 2004

You've received lots of great ideas here and I'm going to add a few of my own!

When you receive your kit you'll receive some training audios and a video called "Your First Kitchen Show." This will definitely help you get going in the right direction. At your shows, you should gauge your guests' familiarity with PC by asking who has been to a show before. If you have a large group of guests who are regulars, let them help you talk about the products by asking them what their favorite is and why. It really helps take the pressure off you (especially in those first few shows) and avoids that "monologue" feel. The more you engage your guests, the more fun you'll have and your shows will be very successful. You can also ask for volunteers to help in your demo. I find that almost anyone will do anything for a piece of chocolate!!

Hope this helps!

Mary (who is at Wave 3 as we speak!!)
Jun 8, 2005
Plan it out

I hope you decide to join--I did a few months ago and have not regretted it at all.
The two biggest pieces of advice I would give is 1) You won't be perfect at it right from the beginning. Tell people it's only your first--or second or third--show and they will be very supportive and forgiving. Don't be too hard on yourself if you think you were awkward or forgot things. You'll get better after a few shows. 2) Don't feel pressured into doing too much at the beginning. My director wanted my to talk about everything--stoneware, cookware, simple additions, as well as giving my talk about hosting and recruiting. Well, the one time I tried to do all that, I had a bad show--I really felt like a boring teacher giving a lecture on the properties of 16th century dirt!!! (LOL) Pick just a couple things to talk about outside of your recipe--say, stoneware and cookware. Don't push recruiting if you don't feel comfortable yet.
Focus on one or two things unitl you're comfortable adding to it.
Good luck!!!!!!


Novice Member
Jul 11, 2005
I'm in SS3 so I'm pretty new. But, I've had people say that I look like I've done it forever. I'm a teacher so I have a knack for talking to people and I love all the products. I tell them funny stories about things I've done with them....even the embarassing ones. I also get everyone involved. I let people see why they can live without the products.