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The day AFTER...my 1st kitchen show

Kelley Sells

Feb 2, 2006
Okay, so I was GUN HO.. :D :p ..right? Sent out a BANNER 60 invites :eek: , got 12 yes'...I was thrilled....i made the Portifoles...cream puffs, I am not the greatest in the kitchen, I made the Bountiful Brunch.....and I ended up with 5 attendees.... :eek:
BUT, it was a fun show anyhow....it was laid back and I learned alot from them too...and the food was delicious, even my best friend was amazed...LOL...and she owns almost every bit of PC and she was quizzing me which was hysterical...but I held my own.....

My sales are just shy of the 400 mark....I'm pleased with that. I have 3 more this month and hopefully I'll hit the 1250 mark....that is all I'd like to do, for now :cool:

I did the Book to look, but I know these folks don't hold parties....I did the Mystery Host which was fun....but this week I'm jazzing up the show for this Sunday, a St. Pattys pre-party....so if anyone has any fun games, email them over to me...I'd love the help.....

So that is my update.... :rolleyes:


Veteran Member
Feb 17, 2006
Don't have any ideas on the St. Patty's show but wanted to say congrats on your first show, sounds a lot like my first!


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Sep 13, 2005
Kelley Sells said:
Sent out a BANNER 60 invites :eek: , got 12 yes'...I was thrilled.....and I ended up with 5 attendees.... :eek:

My sales are just shy of the 400 mark....I'm pleased with that.

:D Congratulations on your first show!! :D

I have a couple things to say...

---first of all $400 for 5 guests is amazing!! That is awesome to have that high of a per guest total!!

---next is questions. :confused: Was this your show? Did you do reminder calls for your 60 invites?? And what happened to your other 7 yeses?? Reminder calls are worth their weight in gold!! And of course, now you need to share the catalog with all of those who weren't able to attend! I have gotten $1200 in outside orders AFTER the show!! :D

---Keep up the great work!!


Apr 22, 2005
Call those who didn't attend

Make sure you call at least those people who said they were coming. Get more outside orders. I think $400 for 5 attendees is awesome. Good luck! :D

Kelley Sells

Feb 2, 2006
More updates and 1st REAL show under my belt...

Hi all,
Thank you for the kind words and guidance, very much appreciated.

I didn't call ALL 60, I sent invites to everyone on my street, even the folks I've never laid eyes on....bad me....

I did get the calls from the 7 yeses the night before....and although they didn't place an order, I got 3 parties out of it.....so that wasn't bad.

I did a party on Sunday, my 1st real party in someone elses kitchen.

Again, we only had 5, 2 backed out as I pulled in the door she was on the phone, but that is okay, I did another 380 in sales....and booked another party from that....so I'm okay with that....gotta start somewhere right?

BUT, I have a party Friday night, now I call her once a week and she never calls back, this week I'm calling her once a day until I get a reply.....she has 22 invites on line and only 2 answers....she sent an email, I sent one back letting her know that her show would be a hit if she did the follow up calls by this tuesday.....well, needless to say, I called her at 9:00 a.m. and she didn't answer....I will send an email now and then call again in the a.m.......

I'm really pushing for the month of May too for fundraisers. I am looking now at using our hall in the yacht club we belong to, to do a fundraiser for that month.

I made up a great board with the next months special, the book to look and a section on the starter kits and bonus month products, all visuals....and that seemed OKAY, not great.

I'll see how this party goes.....I was told by the girl who referred her to me that her parties are HUGE and EVERYONE goes to them....hmm I sure hope so.

But I have to say though, I LOVE this hobby.....LOL...not job, HOBBY....I make GREAT money in Real Estate, but I love this more....what do they say? You love the job you don't make much at and you make alot at a job you just kinda like? LOL......

But I'm content....I didn't expect a 1200 show off the bat, that comes with building your routine and getting it down pat....I noticed that I get off kilter, I have all this STUFF and not use to carrying it around and setting it up....LOL....but I'll GET THERE I will.....

So, Happy St. Pattys' Day or NOT? Stay tuned for an update Sat.....LOL:cool: