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Thanking past customers and offering booking bonus

Nov 3, 2005
I am looking for a letter to send out to my past customers and contacts to thank them for making 2005 a sucess and to help to start out 2006 with a bang and offering a booking bonus for shows booked in Jan - March.

I plan on sending this out with a mini catalog(contacts) or a seasons best(customers)



Oct 16, 2005
I was thinking about the same thing. I only started in October, so I did not send out any Christmas cards, but I was going to send out a new years letter, something like

Wow, can you believe the New Year is here already. I just wanted to thank you for making 2005 such an amazing year for me by hosting a show. It really got my business up and running blah blah blah

As a thank you please accept this SB, rec card etc as a thank you.

I also wanted to remind you about the booking benefit for people that booked off your show. (here you could make it really personal) Suzie who was a guest at your show is having a show on (insert date) and I wanted you to know that you are able to place an order for the dessert plate or sweetheart towels for 60%. With Pampered Chef you just keep getting pampered.

Well, I started rambling and I got an almost completed letter.

Hope that works.

I'll post it in word form later