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Tell me why........?

May 16, 2005
I'm in my 3rd month of P.C.. I keep hearing how wonderful National Conference is......how EVERYONE should go!! What I want to know is...why.....why is it so great...?? What will I come away with?? Will there be tips on how to increase sales and bookings? What kinds of things will I Learn there...is it really as great as everyone says???



Advanced Member
Feb 3, 2005
I think I posted this before, but I'll say it again. YES...it IS WORTH going. Last year I was going to quit after conference. I had taken 2 months off during the summer and had nothing on my calendar, but I had already paid for conference. I went with the decision that I'd quit after conference.

What a difference conference made. I saw the BIG PICTURE of what Pampered Chef could be. I came home and made some calls and got my business booming. Almost a year later, I have recruited 5 people, my business is still going strong, and it is anything I want it to be.

The great thing about conference is that you get to choose what classes you want to attend. There are a variety of topics to choose from and you can customize around what you need tips on.

The networking is terrific. You meet so many people at conference.

If you are on the fence, I would suggest taking the plunge. Your expenses are tax deductible. In my opinion, it is well worth the time, money, and energy to go.

Chef Becca

Novice Member
May 23, 2005
You've Gotta Go!

Conference is hands down the best thing you can do for your business. I started my business in November of 2002 and attended my first Conference the very next summer in 2003. I promoted to Director and got to walk across stage that year. Everyone kept telling me how awesome it is to walk and I kept thinking...what is this whole thing about Conference? But let me tell you - it was amazing! You get GREAT networking opportunities, you get to strengthen your business in ALL areas, you get inspired by Doris and the Home Office Staff and you get to be there LIVE, in person, for all of the exciting announcements. The general sessions are probably my favoirte part because they are so exciting. Don't get me wrong, the workshops are great, but the general sessions pump you up. Let me just put it this way - when the Pillsbury dough boy comes out on stage to tell us we now have crescent roll coupons and several thousand people stand up and start screaming like we've all been given a million dollars...it's just hard to put into words...haha. Those of you who were there no EXACTLY what I'm talking about! :)

It is an expense but like Ginger said, it's a tax write off so if you can afford to go, do. Plus, you're in Chicago so you get to go to some amazing restaraunts and shops which just makes the trip.

This will be my 3rd National Conference and I can't wait to get there. With it being the 25th Anniversary I know that it's going to be bigger and better than any Conference or Leadership that I've been to yet.

Just a tip - go a day early. The first year I went we flew in the morning of the start and we literally hit the ground running and didn't stop until we were on the way home. That was the year of the Director Event at the Home Office and I was so tired after the event that I slept on the bus the entire way back to the hotel. Since then I have attended all of the PC Conferences at least 1 day early. It allows you to enjoy Chicago or wherever Leadership is held, and you don't feel near as rushed.

I hope you decide to go - you won't regret it!!


Novice Member
Apr 28, 2005
Conference is SO worth the money!!! This is going on my 4th year with the company and wouldn't miss it for anything. Why???? It is such an exciting time. Its like a giant pep rally. Everyone there for the same reason, to improve our businesses somehow. You will meet so many new people and get ideas from everywhere. If that isn't enough you maybe lucky enough to win a shopping spree at the home office tour. Why take the tour?? I'll tell you why. I went my first year and never have won anything in my life. But guess what? I won the 90 second shopping spree!!! I got almost everything PC had. What a great business boost. Now I had everything I needed and wanted to take to a show. I won $1980. worth of products all for $20( the cost of the tour). Everytime I think of it, it boosts me up to try something different that I learned from conference.
Take the time and spend the money, you WON'T regret it!!! :)