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Tele Classes



Does anyone else feel jipped because PC offers few to no tele classes on evenings and weekends? I work full time and can't call into these classes because they're all held when I'm at work. The Super Starter classes, especially, are only held during the week. I feel I'm being penalized for working a full time job and only doing PC part time. Isn't part time one of the aprons we can choose from? If PC doesn't want people to work part time, they shouldn't offer it, or they shoudl really try to have tele classes on evenings and weekends when those of us who work full time can take advantage of them.
That's my rant today. Thank you for listening.


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
Did you know you can listen to teleclasses that are recorded? They record the actual teleclass, then make it available to listen to at any time. Just a suggestion incase you didn't know about those.:eek:


Dec 14, 2005
I only do the prerecorded ones because I have 5 kids (12,7,3,3 and 2) and I could never concentrate on a live class without fear of them destroying the house or hurting eachother.
Plus, I can stop and start them when I need to.


Advanced Member
Feb 25, 2006
totally agree!!!!!!

I realized the same thing recently and it really aggravates me as well. I do use the pre-recorded but the sound isnt that great on them and I'd love to be able to do a live show. It should be available to all of us at night. OR the ones that are at night get booked up so quickly. I think they should have more of them. Is there a way we can request that thru PC?


Feb 23, 2006
I didn't look to much at the times because I had to filter the ones that were held on Tues. & Thursdays because they conflict with my school schedule, but I did find a SS tele-class that is @ 9pm.


Veteran Member
Aug 24, 2005
My problem with the pre-recorded teleclasses is that the audio is AWFUL. I have to turn it up really loud so I can try to make things out and it drives me crazy. But I never know when I'll be around or not, so that's really the only way to do it. I LOVE the CD's and order at least one on each paperwork order.