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Pampered Chef: Team Recruit/Insurance Question

  1. niclowther

    niclowther Member Gold Member

    I went thru all (well a lot) of the posts on team recruits (recruiting husband and wife/daughter and mother), and the issue a lot of you have had w/ these is that the one who does the cooking needs to be the one you recruit b/c of insurance. A lot who had the question said that the one who was going to be doing the talking wanted to be the actual technical recruit.

    My question is what if they don't ever cook in someones house? What does this insurance cover? Where did you find this info? What if they want to do "non-cooking" shows and catalog shows? Does it matter who is the recruit? Does this all make sense? :)

    Thanks guys, and I hope you understand what I'm asking.
    Apr 9, 2009
  2. chefjeanine

    chefjeanine Legacy Member Gold Member

    Only individuals may sign up (sign a contract) as consultants. This person gets the commission and is entitled to the perks. They are the one covered by the insurance provided by P-Chef. It does not matter if they do catalog or cooking shows.

    If you are the Consultant and send out a family member/friend as your representative and HO finds out, I suppose they can shut down your business. However, plenty of spouse, family members and friends help by circulating catalogs, delivering products (on those occasions when you’ve had something shipped to you home) and assisting at shows or in booths.

    There are probably quite a few couples who work this business together. I have a "team", a retired husband and wife who go to shows and booths together. She is the Consultant and they understand (I hope) that he can't do shows without her.

    And when we talk about perks -- if things haven't changed--, if a husband a wife signed up separately (they are both Consultants) and only one of them earned a trip, the other could not go on that trip with them because we are not allowed to take other Consultants as guests on our trips.

    I don't know if I answered any of your questions but I hope this helps a little bit.
    Apr 9, 2009
  3. DessertDivaFL

    DessertDivaFL Veteran Member Gold Member

    I am glad I saw this thread. I am trying to recruit a potential husband/wife as consultants and I understand the whole insurance thing better. I guess they will need to choose who is going to be doing the cooking shows.
  4. niclowther

    niclowther Member Gold Member

    I guess the one who doesnt sign can host shows for the other. That way they are both doing something.
    Apr 9, 2009
  5. babywings76

    babywings76 Legend Member Gold Member

    Just be sure they understand the hosting benefits for consultants (and the rules that apply to members of the household).

    Consultant-hosted Shows
    If you or a member of your household hosts your own Show:
    • You will receive commission on guest orders only. You
    will not be paid commission on items you order at the
    host discount.
    • You are not eligible for the Booking Benefit or a past
    host discount.
    • Personal orders placed on the Show do not apply
    toward the achievement of any bonus, incentive
    or award.
    • A recruiter or upline Director cannot be the host for a
    downline Consultant.
    Apr 9, 2009
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