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Team Leader Retiring

Niki Kate

Novice Member
Nov 30, 2015
It's been a great time, but like all good things that has to come to an end. Time for me to focus on my thesis.

But, my gain is your gain. This post is about all of the business stuff, that I have for sale. I will make another post later regarding all of the inventory. Prices do not include shipping

Pink Pampered Chef tote bag : $13
Pampered Chef show bag (polka dot): $7
15 current catalogs: $20
2- mostly full boxes of business card magnets, $5 each
1 pack of sales slips $7
6 packs of party post cards $2/each
1 pack of join the table brochures $3
2 packs of host packets $3/each
Cell phone tripod w case $15
1 pack Fall/spring mini 2017-18 catalogs $3
3 - Pampered chef, pink ribbon pins $3 / each
Drawing slips pad $2
Pampered chef business card holder $2
Stamps labels for Stamps.com $5


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Jessica Kidd

Novice Member
Apr 20, 2018
Also, what are the business magnets and the drawing slips? Could see a pic please of those too? Sorry, I just started consulting at the end of march so I'm still learning!
Jan 6, 2018
Hi! I haven't seen a reply to anyone's questions, so I was just wondering if any of these items are still available??