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Taxes & PC, What do you know?


Sep 26, 2005
Just thought I would throw this question out there? I'm thinking of starting into PC. What should I know about taxes? Does PC take taxes out of commission? How does that work? How would I find out what expenses you could claim on your taxes? Any information would be helpful. :)


Legacy Member
May 24, 2005
i know that for taxes you can count anything that you use toward your business, pens supplies, super starter kit mileage to and from shows and bank or grocery store if you are buying stuff for shows save any reciepts from the store when you do practice recipes. i know there are other things you can count but im not sure what they are also anything you buy from PC that you use at your shows.
Sep 20, 2005
I know pampered chef does NOT take out taxes. I also know of the following that can be written off:
-a portion of your mortgage depending on how much of your house is a "designated" pampered chef space
-the same portion of your electric bill
-the same portion of your phone bill (unless you go through and find every single pampered chef phone call you made in a year)
-internet costs
-website subscription
-i read somewhere you can write off chiropractors appointments
-supplies such as pens, copies, paper, ink, folders, ect
-anything you purchase through the pampered chef
There is a ton more that I just can't think of right now, but my suggestion would be to save every single reciept you possibly can throughout the year...try to keep Pampered Chef separated from personal. This may be the first year that I actually pay to have someone do my taxes, just so I can learn how it works this year, and because I received a trust fund this year and bought 3 cars and a motorcycle as well as a house and a lawn company so my taxes will probably be pretty confusing. I also won't even be able to think about starting the paperwork until after december 31st as I may have 2 babies to claim! I still think one of my twins will be the last of 2005 and the other will be the first of 2006! :) I think it would be cool anyway...they would have 2 seperate birthdays and birth years!! Wishful thinking
I hope this helped.
Oh ya, do a search and you may find another document on this site relating to taxes...i remember seeing it but do not remember what thread. Good luck!