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Pampered Chef: Tasty Tidbits - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. PampChefJoy

    PampChefJoy Veteran Member Gold Member

    Q - What is Tasty Tidbits?
    A - Tasty Tidbits is a subscription-based service that presents prepared newsletter content for consultants to send to their customers. These newsletter are "ready-to-send" as is, or can be further edited by you before sending.

    Q - What do I get with my subscription?
    A - You receive three newsletters per month:
    Tasty Tidbits - released by the 25th - the full length newsletter which contains 2 months of host specials, current month guest special, recruiting article/special, at least 2 recipes and usually one theme show or specialty emphasis.
    Pampered Picks - released by the 5th - contains just the Outlet items, as up to date as possible as of the 5th.
    QuickBites - no images and only a few links. Contains summary of the current and next month host and guest specials, an outlet ordering reminder, and a quick tip or two.
    All newsletters are personalized with your information - name, phone, website and email address - already merged in when you receive it.​
    You have access to all three of these, but it is generally NOT recommended to bombard your customers with three newsletters per month unless they have specifically opted-in for a weekly or frequent newsletter. Most subscribers choose one or two to send to their customers each month.

    Q - How much is it?
    A - The cost is $15 for a 6 month subscription, payable upfront via Paypal. We use Paypal as our credit/debit card processor and your personal CC information is not stored. You do not need an actual Paypal account to pay via CC.

    Q - How do I find out more?
    A - Our website is at Tasty Tidbits » Creative Marketing Solutions for Consultants

    Q - How can I see a sample?
    A - Two ways - you can receive a sample of a full length Tasty Tidbits newsletter by completing this form: Request a Sample » Tasty Tidbits
    ~OR~ you can sign up for a FREE 15 day trial and view all the current and past newsletters by completing this form: Tasty Tidbits Membership Registration You'll be prompted to set up a password to go along with your username (your consultant #) to access the website at Tasty Tidbits - Subscriber - Login to download/view/send the newsletters.
    Sep 21, 2009
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