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Taste of Home Cooking School



Hi Everyone!

I know I chatted with some of you about this a while ago- the cooking school is coming to my town. Some of you are having a booth when they come to yours- who did you contact about that? The website doesn't really make it clear.

Let me know! It sounds like a great opportunity!


I found some info at the website

If you go to their website and click on the show date/location you're interested in, it will pull up how to get tickets, but more important who the media sponsor is. That person should certainly be able to tell you or direct you to the right person to discuss vendor opportunites.

Have you ever done one of these before?


No, I haven't ever done one of these before. Not specifically. I've done booths a couple of times- one at the Wine Festival and one at a local Staples event.

I do see who the media sponsor is- so that's who I get in touch with?


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Jun 29, 2005
I'm having a booth there on September 27th and I can't wait!!! I'm so excited. Our local newspaper is the one sponsoring it, so I just contacted them. I had to pay a booth fee, a sponsership fee and donate a PC gift worth at least $25 that they will have a drawing for and give away during the show. They told me I could donate catalogs with my name on them to be put in each goody bag (each person attending the show gets a goody bag), but there will be 1300 people there. I said "no thanks". My director gave me all of her spring/summer catalogs that she had left, about 200, and I had about 100 left. I'm just going to keep those at my booth and pass them out to people that want one. I'm going to have my booth (which is really just two tables) set up with all the new Fall products. I'm also going to make the Bride cake and have it set out with a sign about Bridal showers and I will have something about Fundraisers. I asked if I could serve food, and was told yes, and that a lady from Tastefully Simple will also have a booth and she will be passing out samples. I don't know what to make. I thought about making something in the mini muffin pan, but I would have to make 55 batches to have enough. I also thought about making the cookie recipe for the cookie press that uses a cake mix. One batch makes 8 dozen. That wouldn't be too bad. Any suggestions? I'm also going to have a sign up box to try to get names. I will probably have something to give away at my booth.

By the way, if you want a booth at your local show, you had better call right away because it is first come first serve. When I went to the newspaper to pay for my booth she told me another PC consultant called after me and she had to turn her down because I had beat her to it. Luckily I think I will be first on the list from now on. She had tried to call the last PC consultant that had done it (which turned out to be my director), but she said no because she had too much going on.


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Jan 4, 2005
I sent an email to my newspaper on Friday night and havent heard back from them. Thanks for the tip - I had better call them tomorrow and follow-up! I havent heard about this from anyone in my cluster, so hopefully I will get in. Please post afterwards on how it all goes! For suggestions - thats alot of food - you could think about a simple dip (right now my briain is fried and I cant think)...and buy the bags of stick pretzels. Put the dip in the simple additions. That would be easy, attractive and cheap. Also - if you are computer savvy, go to our website and copy/paste some pictures of our most popular products and do up a flyer to hand out - that is alot cheaper than catalogs!
Jul 22, 2005
Pretzels & Dip is a good idea, personally I would go one step further, and for hygiene sake get a bunch of those little white ketchup cups that you use at fast food restaurants. Take your Easy Accent Decorator and fill up a bunch of them, put them out on your Simple Addition Tray & Bowls to serve. That way you don't have to worry about people double dipping.

Just a thought. Hope it goes great for you!



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Jan 21, 2005
jenniferlynne said:
They told me I could donate catalogs with my name on them to be put in each goody bag (each person attending the show gets a goody bag), but there will be 1300 people there. I said "no thanks".

How about if you gave them business cards with a coupon you make on your computer "5% or $5 off your PC order with me or 10% extra on your host discount if you book a show - expires - January 30, 2006" or something.

Or you could make a flyer up and put that in the bags. - half sheets would cut your cost...

1300 mini calatlog would cost you $156 but a box of 1000 business cards is about $25 and you could make a sticker on the back with the coupon...
Just a thought. It would get your name out there to even people who don't come to your booth.


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May 24, 2005
taste of home cooking

im so glad i saw this post, yesterday i was talking to an employee where my husband works and she told me about the taste of home cooking class on sept 29 i thought that they would have had somebody already but i took the chance and called today and i signed up they are really nice to do a 3 month payment for me since the booth is 170 my dirctor has catologs she could give me but shes in Ut and im in NV if i can get them to me by mon i would like to do recipe cards with my info on them that way they wont throw them away and they will have my name right there when they look at the recipe i am really excited for this and nervouse since i will be doing it by myself i the bride cake is a great idea to introduce bridal shows thanks for that idea