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Taking my show on the road!


Aug 9, 2005
good morning all.

My husbands cousin agreed to do a show for me - I'm in IL and she's in WI.
So off I go to do my show and spend the weekend with my husbands family. I am SOO excited!
I can't believe everyhing fits in the grate and I can carry it!!
I did have a red tool box that I had my candy-making supplies in that I decided to put all the hand tools in. i love it!
I hope everyone has a good weekend.



Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
THat's great! I hope you have a good show! And remember to keep track of all expenses because they're a tax write off since they're business expenses. LEt us know how the show goes! Have a great weekend.


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May 24, 2005
i know you are gone but for anyone doing a show on the road so you dont have to travel with your stuff have your host decide on a recipe (or you pick the recipe) then figure out what tools you need for the demo and have the host call all her friends and see if they are willing to bring a piece for example you need the batter bowl have her call jane and do the reminder phone call and say i was wondering if you would be willing to bring the batter bowl to my show for the presentation. If she says yes then she is more then likely to be on time knowing that you are needing her batter bowl to make the recipe and more then likely to show up also. hope this makes ssense