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Taffy Apple Pizza

Sep 20, 2005
Ok, I normally like to test recipes before I feed them to unknowing people, but I have no choice this week....My first actual kitchen show is saturday night and I plan on having an apple themed show. I will be making mom's apple crisp and the taffy apple pizza...I might even bring the caramel apple dessert duo to display my simple additions. I have made the apple crisp before, but never the taffy apple pizza. I plan on making the cookie base before I go to the show and bringing it in my insulated tote to keep it hot. For those of you who have made it:
-was it easy?
-any tips?
-was it good?
-Any changes you would make to the recipe?
Thank you in advance for all of your help!!


Jun 15, 2005
I had a show last Sunday and made the taffy apple pizza. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it. Although I thought that it was too messy to demo. I baked the cookie bottom the night before so I just had to add the toppings. I also squeezed a lemon over the apples so they wouldn't turn.


Very easy


This recipe is very easy and every time I demo an apple recipe I sell the A/P/C/S. I wouldn't change a thing to this recipe. You can however give the cook's tips from the side of the book to help you out. I like the idea of sprinkling ground cinnamon over the apples. It sounds so good.

If your pastry is still warm I would suggest serving vanilla icecream with it and show the scoop, or cool whip and show the EAD.

I have baked the cookie before and at the show. The plus about doing it at the show is you can demo the baker's roller and the pastry mat. I have one of these and what I like about it is that if the dough gets stuck, you just flip it over onto the stone and peel the mat carefully off the dough.

The possibilities are endless ;)

I forgot, make sure your sugar dough is cold and you have flour in one of your prep bowls to dust your stone or mat when rolling out the dough.
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Jan 22, 2005
The best tip I ever received for the Taffy Apple Pizza was to cut it into serving pieces AFTER you spread on the cream cheese/peanut butter mixture but BEFORE you put the apples on. It always looks so pretty and then you completely destroy it to serve.

Also....dipping apple slices in 7up or Sprite will keep them from turning brown.