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Taco Ring gone wrong!

Apr 1, 2006
I just wanted to give you all a heads up with the warm weather coming up... please make sure that you keep the crescent rolls refrigerated until you are ready to put them on the stone, lol. Last night, I made 2 rings. The first one was ready when my family arrived, and the second... well the room was so hot it melted the rolls when I was doing my demo! :)

Good luck and Happy selling!!! :)


Silver Member
Mar 30, 2006
That is key!

Yes Angie, keeping the crescent rolls in the refrigerator is key when making any kind of ring, braid or wreath. The same holds true to the refrigerated pizza crust. These products have a high fat content and literally melt when left out, especially in warm weather.

Use it to your advantage by asking a member of the audience to get them for you when you are ready to use them and also remind your guests about leaving them in the refrig until you are about to make your recipe. You'll look like the hero for having a great "quick tip" for them!


Sooner PC

Sep 30, 2005
Now they have extra large cresent rolls and those can ruin your recipe quickly. I have to now specify that they by the original ones.