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Survivor Show


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Apr 14, 2004
I've done a few of these and they are really fun! At one show, my
host had tiki torches outside to set the mood. I do introductions and
ask them what their Pampered Chef luxury item would be. I bring along
my "tribal" candles. Depending on your group, you can offer
"challenges"--maybe divide the group and let them do the recipes, or
challenge someone to chop an onion w/ a knife while you do it with the
food chopper. I joke with them and let them no that no one will be
'voted' off. I even have an Immunity Necklace that I have my host
wear. I tell everyone that my host is immune to paying full price for
anything she wants tonight and for the next year. That's alot of
fun. Food--I 've been making the Double Choc. Mocha Trifle since it
looks like dirt and I add gummy worms. In January, I made the Zesty
Chic Fajita Pizza and joked about the "mystery" meat. It really can
be a fun show. Oh, one more thing--I have on my invitation (computer
generated) that if the guest comes wearing their 'survivor' gear, they
are put into a special drawing for a doorprize! I dress the part
too! Hope this helps!

Angie Fisler

Director in PA