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Survivor show ideas?

Dec 14, 2005
Hi everyone! I've encountered a new consultant challenge and figured I'd come to you all for help. I have a hostess who's interested in a "Survivor" theme for her show. I've never even watched the show! I know they compete to stay on the island, but I've heard they now have an "exile island" and "immunity island" thing? Any ideas would be HUGELY appreciated.

Thanks so much!

the newbie :)


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Apr 12, 2005
Split your guests up into two groups. Have the challanges be part of the recipe. 2 carrots 2 knives the loser is out. Garden Ranch pizza would be a good one. I'm sure your director and cluster members would be happy to help with duplicates.
You can also search this site for Survivor and theme shows for ideas. Just you the search link. I hope this helped.
Jan 14, 2006
I've done a survivor auction at a few of my shows. It's a lot of fun. You play a game throughout the show for chances to win play money (or you can use a deck of cards, poker chips, etc.) Take little things like the celebration recipe cards, or twix it clips. Make them ask questions about products or the PC business for extra "money" before the raffle starts.

Survivor auction means you do NOT tell them how many items are in the raffle, or even what the current item is that you're auctioning off! It's completely "blind". And they may end up with something completely worthless (like an expired Fall/Winter catalog), or something that's worth several dollars (maybe one of the cheaper new Spring products like the Fish recipe cards). But they never know when the last item up for bid will be, nor do they know what the heck they're bidding on. It's really a lot of fun, and by making them ask questions before you start the game, it opens up lots of opportunity to talk about hosting, recruiting, etc.

I love the ideas about the games mentioned above.......great tie-ins!!!