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Suprising Hosts


Mar 7, 2006
My mother has been a Pampered Chef host for years for my Director, and now for me. She's always had $800+ shows, and is my top 5 for top shows with $1100+ show. Earlier in the month, I was discussing with her that I'd like to have an open house showcasing the new products (I had no shows in Feburary and at the time was very close to becoming inactive and losing the 1 consultant I have under me). She decided she wanted to host a show since most of my customers are her frequent guests at her shows. I agreed that she would host the show (and I would not do my open house) and we set a date. Well, two weeks she postponed the date to the 27th. Then, she didn't even get the invites out to people until 3 DAYS BEFORE her show! She had two very small outside orders from her work the day of the show, and we had only 5 guests at the show! 2 had been past hosts and 1 had been a past catalog host. The show sales are just over $300 (sad for me since my average show is $640, but at least I won't go inactive).

But, I got 2 bookings (with dates) at the show (one from a past host, one from a new-to-me customer), a third tentative booking from a friend of one of the outside orders (who happens to be a past host), a fourth tentative booking (fundraiser) from my mom's coworker, a fifth tentative show from an executive at my mom's work, AND a possible recruit from another coworker's daughter! That's 5 possible shows and recruit from a 5 guest show! Yay Mom!:D