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Super Starter Recipe Ideas

Apr 25, 2005
I will be going into my second month of PC in June, and need a couple different recipes to use with my starter kit. I do have the SB for spring/summer 2005, I have already made one,but would like to get a couple more. I was thinking of doing a dessert or salad because the summer months are here. If any one has any that would be great. I did try looking at Joyces Fine Cooking website, but I only have the tools in the starter kit,and it is hard to find a recipe only using these tools.

danger girl

Did you know that the last 2 recipes in each section of any Season's Best use only the tools in the Super Starer kit? That is a great place to look. You could ask your cluster if they have other Season's Bests, too.


When I started in March, I decided just to use those last two recipes in each section, since those were all the tools I had, and the recipes are great! Lots of variation. I will probably just change recipes every six months as new SB's come out- and keep doing the last two from each section, even though I have earned lots of tools now!
May 10, 2005
Also a Super Starter

I'm also in my 2nd SS month in June. I've had 3 parties so far and i've used the Lemon Herb Chicken Ring, The Ice Cream Sandwich Torte and dips from the Farmers Market Seasoning Packs. They've all worked well for me.

My next challenge is a Kids' Show. I'd like to do a few fun things with the kids, but am quite limited in my tools. Any ideas?

Thank you!



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May 6, 2005
One idea for kids shows is just to get the refrigerated bread dough (isn't there a pizza crust one?) and roll it out and cut into thick strips and kids can form the first letter of their name. Then bake them on your stone and maybe grate some parm cheese over them or something. Then when they're done, kids can dip them in pizza sauce.
Feb 22, 2005
I did a show the other day that was suppose to be a Couples Cookoff show. There were very few adults that showed up but there were three kids there. The plan was to do the Lemon Herb Chicken from the Grilling Card Collection.

The adults that were there were not willing to participate so I put the kids to work. They had a ball using the garlic press, mixing and pounding the chicken flat with the meat tenderizer (the recipe called for bone-in chicken but the host got boneless so we used the mixture as a rub) The kids got it all together and one of the adults did the grilling. We made the best of a bad situation.

I think we usually think a kids show has to be kids food but what I found is they love to help do anything you will let them do and by having them use the more adult like tools, the adults can see how easy our tools make life for them.


Mar 27, 2005

Do you have the Crispy Sweets recipe? It is basically Marshmallows melted in the microcooker with toasted rice cereal mixed in - left to harden in the Scalloped Bread Tube. (If you need the full recipe just let me know). You can make it, slice it up, then let the kids decorate the slices with toppings and sweets like mini pizzas.

Am planning this for a show in August, so my daughter and I made the recipe yesterday - still OK today after wrapping in "cling film" and leaving in the fridge. We have had slices today with ice cream! Yummy.