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Super Starter Question

Oct 23, 2005
I am $140 away from getting my Super Starter month 2 package. I did not think it would be a problem but my show for tonight just canceled! Now there is no way for me to get another show by tomorrow to get the $140 in sales.

I need to buy some Christmas presents for people from PC. Does it makes sense for me to put those gifts (total of about $150) in as an individual order and get the free items or to just forget about the free items and put my order in as a noncommission order and get my 20% discount?

Thoughts? I only have until tomorrow to decide!!!! :confused:


Advanced Member
Feb 14, 2005
well if you put in that order as a individual order you will meet your goal and make 20% commission. If you put in as a non commission order you only get 20% off . The SS bonuses are worth atleast $100. I would definetely put it in as a individual order.

Individual order

Earn SS (worth $100 approx) and make $30.00 commission and it goes towards your all time sales

Non commission order

save $30
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Veteran Member
Jun 20, 2005
I say put it in as an individual order and get the FREE stuff @ $141 value and get the $34.50 in commission.


Jul 31, 2005
I would enter it as a Catalog show with you as the host. Enter each gift recipient as a guest so their receipt will have their name on it.
Oct 23, 2005
I ended up sending out an email to my friends, family and past guests offering a "End of November Special". If they emailed me or called me with an order by Nov 30th, 7 pm and gave me an order of $30 or more, they got a free gift. I gave them their choice of Seasons Best or Hold and Slice. I did get $75 in orders so it reduced how much I had to put to get myself to the $1,250. I also just put it in as an individual order for myself and made 23% commission on it (better than my 20% discount)! :D