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Super Starter Items

Sep 6, 2005
I finally qualified for my THIRD Super Starter month after missing out on the first two! How long after you reach the sales goal do they usually send out the stuff? Just wondering because I have a Christmas open house on the 11th and I really want to use the CHillzanne platter. Almost bought one a week ago and then realized that I was so close to earning it!
Nov 23, 2005
I received my SS#1 not long after I received an email from HO saying I had earned it. Have you received that email? I'd look into maybe borrowing the server from someone else just in case your bonus doesn't arrive on time. Good luck with your open house. :D


Nov 8, 2005
When I qualified for my SS1 (last week!), the bonus products were processed and shipped as soon as I submitted my order. I submitted my order Monday evening and I got my bonus on Thursday...

I never got an email from home office. But my director emailed me to congratulate me.