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Super Bowl Shows


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Apr 14, 2004
Pampered Chef Super Bowl Shows


(For anyone that's never seen or heard this before, it will be 1/2 of a
Bake a chocolate cake in the 2 Qt Batter Bowl; let cool; cut down the middle to make 2 halfs. Lay the 2 pieces down on serving tray or flat stone? with wide ends together touching each other(I usually put alittle frosting between to get it to hold better) Frost with chocolate icing. (You have to build up the ends alittle with frosting to resemble a football, or do what I've done before bake cupcakes and add one at each end to fill in!) If I want it to look really nice after the initial layer of chocolate frosting, I pipe on more frosting covering it with the star
tip from the decorator. Pipe on white frosting lines/ -l-l-l-l-
\with Easy Accent Decorator for laces and you can tint remaining icing to coordinate with the team colors and pipe on the names with line tip or star tip.

You can ask the host to replace a cake mix and can of frosting and bring this finished or have it baked and let the gals decorate it while the guys are watching the game!

Products used......batter bowl, measuring tools, spatulas, icing spreader, cooling rack, serrated bread knife, Decorator,

In good taste,
Bonnie Waters

I've done the Cool Veggie Pizza before on the rectangle stone, decorating it like a football field (broccoli as the grass, chopped carrots in the end zones, mushroom caps for players, extra cream cheese/dill filling piped on for yard lines).

Tricia Collis