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Sundae Bar ideas



I want to add a sundae bar to my options for this summer and would like some suggestions. I think I will have mini brownies in the mini muffin pan. What do you all do for toppings? And how do you organize it at the show?



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Mar 12, 2006
Use the prep bowls to organize the toppings with small bamboo spoons in each. That is all I have right now...I'll keep on thinking...as long as it doesn't hurt.


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Nov 16, 2005
I just did an ice cream show last Tuesday.

In the Chillzane rectangular server I had strawberries (egg slicer), pineapple (can opener and can strainer), cherries, and bananas (hold n slice and my safe cutter)

I also crushed oreos with the meat tenderiser and chopped peanuts with the food chopper. We did brownies in the stoneware rectangular baker.

I got most of my ideas off of here.


Mar 7, 2006
You can chop oreos in the food chopper too. I have been making the oreo truffles and was using the meat tenderizer with the cookies in a bag. Tore the bag I had to hit it so much to get them the right size so used my food chopper and they came out perfect. I thought the oreo filling would get everything stuck together but it didn't.


Dec 14, 2005
I'm planning to do ice cream socials at my June shows. I was thinking of putting the toppings in the ntertainment set since that's more expecsive than the prep bowl set. Also, I saw on here someone said to toast coconut in the saute pan.


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Jun 20, 2005
Use the entertaining set in the woven rectangle server that way you are showing off the more product $$! By adding the woven piece you show off over $100 in products with just setting your toppings out like that. If you have the other woven pieces use them to hold the napkins and the bowls and utensils. That way you're showing off ALL the woven pieces and some different uses people may not think of.


These are awesome ideas, you guys!

Keep 'em coming!

And Thanks!



A lightbulb moment...

I was thinking about making the caramel chocolate sauce from our Turtle Fudge skillet cake for the ice cream sundae bar... and maybe substituting pecans for the peanuts that you guys reccomended. (I could toast them either in the 8 inch saute pan or in the mini oval baker....) and suddenly it occured to me that I could advertise it as a Turtle Fudge Sundae bar!

People go crazy for the Turtle fudge stuff. I bet this would be a big selling point! I would have the chopped nuts and the caramel chocolate sauce, some chocolate bar for shaving with the micro plane grater. Some chopped fruit and the cool whip for the easy accent decorator. I would bake brownies in the rectangular baker and then I could serve it in the woven basket. (Maybe with the liner!)

I can see this being a HUGE hit! Thanks for all your great ideas!


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Jan 4, 2005
We did Sundae Bar ideas at our cluster weekend at the beach recently. Some ideas I can think of that havent been mentioned are:

Toast some coconut in the Executive small saute pan - no oil, just on the burner for 3 or 4 minutes. Shows off the cookware and smells divine!

Pineapple rings in the can - drain with can strainer. Take one at a time out of the can with the bamboo tongs - cut into chunks with the apple wedger. YES - I agree this is a little much when you can buy pineapple chunks, but it is more into showing off the products.

Let each guest shave chocolate chips with the micro-plane grater right onto the Sundaes. Really cool - and the Micro-plane is an upcoming host special so may be good to get bookings!