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Success in the City?

Jun 22, 2005
Hi All,

I have seen many of you mention doing well at shows that happen to be in smaller towns. I am wondering if any of you have had great success in larger markets. I am thinking that the availability of kitchen stores such as Williams-Sonoma and Sur La Table among others may create a lot of competition for PC. Of course the advantages of PC are there. However some or many PC customers may choose to walk into a retail store instead of buying PC, right? If anyone has experience of being a PC consultant in a larger town or city, let me know what you think!



Jun 18, 2005
Well, I am a consultant on a military base, situated between a good sized town and a large city. On the base, of course we have the Base Exchange, and we all have access to AAFES.com (base exchange online sales) which sells kitchen goods at cost, in addition to having kitchen stores and *marts in town and the city.

People tell me all the time, already and I just started, "I love Pampered Chef, I won't buy the junk they have at ____". It's brand recognition and loyalty. Just like a Pepsi drinker won't buy Coke or Shasta, or Swiffer user won't buy a Clorox Wet Jet.


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
I live in a suburb of Chicago and everywhere you look there are huge new shopping centers sprouting up. My town alone has had every major store open a location here in the past few years (Crate and Barrel, Williams Sonoma, etc). I don't see it affecting my business. I also was skeptical that I could create a solid business in an area that has lots of consultants. Since the Home Office is based in Addison, IL (another suburb of Chicago) and Doris Christopher herself lives in Hinsdale, IL (in a huge beautiful house :) ), I wondered if the market was too saturated. I haven't found that in the least. I know I see other consultants at some town's French Markets (whose tables are always swamped with people, I might add), I don't find that my business has suffered from being close to where it all began. It still amazes me that there are some people at my shows who aren't at all familiar with Pampered Chef. I love hearing that, though, since then I can introduce them to it.

I've even had shows in downtown Chicago and they've been pretty good shows. In comparison to Williams Sonoma and Sur La Table, I would say we're not as expensive, so that's a good selling point. And another point is that we have our huge test kitchens that test out everything from recipes to tools and gadgets. It's our own staff that does that and the stores selling similiar products don't have that direct contact with those who test things out. That's a point that I like to make if people bring it up. So, that's just my two cents. :)


Apr 22, 2005
Hi Sarah,
I think what sets PC apart from kitchen stores is the warranty. There is a guarantee of at least 1 year on every PC product. And basically you can tell people, it is the kitchen that comes to your door. They do not have to go out shopping. They can invite friends over for a party and shop at the same time. :) :) :)


Jun 6, 2005
I'm located near Becky and agree with everything she has to say. We have the same great product for less and the warranty is the best. When you go to the store you have to go back on the short warranty or go through the hassle of dealing with a company and getting it returned or fixed. Pampered chef you deal with consultants and we have the best customer service anywhere. :)


Jan 31, 2005
I have to say before I became a consultant for PC, I was one of Crate and Barrel's and Williams and Sonoma's favorite customers!! And I saw the difference in the products right away...Pampered Chef is better in quality AND the warranty is unbeatable. I think when customers actually see the products in use and have the chance to earn them for free or discounted themselves, we are the people to go with hands down. Plus, alot of people feel overwhelmed by the selections other stores offer. The box isn't always clear and there isn't always someone around you to give a personnal testimony about the product you are looking at. When customers see the products in use and hear others (not just the consultant) telling you how much they love it or how versatile it is, the choice is clear. Plus, shopping our way is more fun!! :D :D

janel kelly

Advanced Member
Feb 19, 2005
Yeah, where else do you play games and win prizes and eat delicious food while shopping on your couch?