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Pampered Chef: Sales Stupid Question

  1. I have a host who had $211 in sales. That entitles her to a $25 host credit plus 20% off items. She wants to order a BUNCH of stuff using her 20% discount. She wants one of the cookware sets (the $285 one), plus a bunch of stoneware pieces plus some smaller items). All told, HER order comes to over $400. Is there a limit to her 20% discount? I'm just wondering because she is ordering SO much stuff with her discount and the actual guest sales were fairly small. So I didn't know if PC would limit her 20% discount. PLUS, what is my commission like on her discount? I can't remember how the commission works on the host order and I don't have my Recipe for Success here to explain. I know I won't get commission on her host special (the roasting pan) but I didn't know about everything else. Thanks SO much!
  2. noradawn

    noradawn Guest

    There is no limit to what she can purchase on her 20% discount. And you do make your regular commission rate on her discounted purchases- just not on the host special (or half price items, if her show had been over $300). After you add her order into PP, you will see your commissionable sales total increase drastically!
    Oct 21, 2005
  3. Though wouldn't she get a 1/2 price item at $300? It's more commission for you if she purchases items at 20%, where you don't get commission on half price items.

    I would do the math, would he actually be saving more money if some her purchases were made as a regular order, bringing her show to $300 and getting a cookware set at 1/2 price. I'm not sure what it would work out to... but if it's no difference or she's perfectly happy spending more money, then all the better for you. Personally I try to give my customer the best deal, even if it means a little less commission for me. My experience has been that they usually have a certain $ spending value in mind and will end up spending that much anyway, this way they actually get more PC stuff!

    Just a thought.

    Oct 21, 2005
  4. rwesterpchef

    rwesterpchef Advanced Member

    Provide the best customer service by looking out for your host!

    I could not agree more! If I have a host that is only a bit away from the next level that is ultimately going to save her money by purchasing a few of her wish list items as a regular guest purchase, I always encourage it - and often add the items to her mom or best friend's receipt (someone she knows won't care) to save her shipping costs.
    I believe people have a set amount they know their budget will allow them to spend. They will intentionally get other products that they initially didn't think they would be able to afford on this show. They get more products (happy host) + you get the same commission (happy consultant) = returning show in the future because you looked out for her!
    Oct 21, 2005
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